Time and Workload Management
for Top Students

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Shovel works with TIME
-the most precious commodity-
in a way that no other app does.

Free your mind of always thinking about what’s next, how long it will take and if you have enough time to get it done. Shovel App will do that for you.

You’ll never feel like this again…


Always know what’s next

All your tasks from all your classes organized by due date and due time in a single list view.


Never overestimate the time you HAVE available

Shovel App works with your calendar and continuously calculates your study time so that you always know how much time you have available to get each task done.


Never underestimate the time you NEED for each task

Shovel calculates how long each reading task will take you to do. And you estimate how long you’ll need for each test and assignment.


Always know if you have enough time to get it done

Time you HAVE minus time you NEED equals knowing if you have enough time to get everything done. Shovel App calculates this continuously in real time, taking all your tasks into account. You’ll always know if you can relax or if it’s time to step it up.

Then accurately track each task

Did you get a part of your reading done? Great! Mark it up and let Shovel calculate how much time you’ll still need to finish it.

Tests & Assignments


Time per Page

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Here’s how it works

1. Know Your Time

No, like really know it


Set your Semester Range and Holidays

This will set parameters for your Semester Calendar


Set your AWAKE time

You can’t study when you’re asleep. Set your awake time so that Shovel knows where to find your Study Time.


Set your weekly Schedule

Put in your classes, activities, meals and Me Time. Set the schedule you want to have and Shovel will figure out if it’s possible for you to keep it and get A’s.


Shovel finds your Study Time

Shovel will find all the time you have left in your schedule. That’s all the Study Time you have. Set your minimum Study Time block and easily pick out your weekly Study Schedule.

Here’s where you are

You have a schedule and Shovel knows your Study Time for every day, every week, for the entire semester. It knows where every Study Time block is and how long it is. Now you can start figuring out if you have enough Study Time to get your work done, or if your schedule needs to change.

2. Know How Long Each Task Will Take

Your syllabus will come to life


Set the time per page of every reading source

Every book and every PDF format reads differently. Save your times per page for each reading source so that it’s easy for Shovel to calculate how long each reading will take you.


Know how long each reading will take.

Time per page of the reading source * the pages you have to read = how long a specific reading will take. Just select a reading source, define the page range and Shovel will do the Math for you. Quick and easy.


Set how much study time you need for each test.

Set the date and time of each test. Estimate how much study time you’ll need to get an A (our knowledge base will walk you through this) and when you want to start studying. Shovel will add it to your workload and if it finds that you don’t have enough time available between the date that you want to get started and the test date, it will notify you that you need to change your schedule or start studying earlier.


Do the same for your assignments

Now you know how much time you NEED for each Task.

3. Let Shovel Do its Magic

And then get to work, of course


Shovel sees into the future

Shovel compares the time you have and the time you need in REAL TIME. So it knows that you may have enough time to get your small assignments done, but that you don’t have enough time to work on your 40 hour project and will advise you to change your schedule way ahead of time.


It’s way better than a calendar.

Shovel has all the functionalities of powerful calendars, but it was designed for students, so its way more useful to you.


Easily know how you’re doing in each class

Shovel knows all your graded tasks and combined with the grade weights, you’ll always know how much you need to study for the final exam 🙂

Everything in one place

Shovel combines all the information from your semester, sleep schedule, week schedule, and workload to give you a precise look into how much time you have available to get each task done, how much time you need to get it done and if you have enough time to succeed. And if you do, it shows you how much cushion time you have.

Get the Shovel App FREE in Beta