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Stop feeling overwhelmed

Use a study planner that lets you “timebox” your tasks and give your brain a break.

Learn how to study

Learn how to manage your time and your studies to get better grades with less stress.

Learn how to study

Learn how to manage your time and your studies to get better grades with less stress.

The 2 things to help you become a better student

1. Shovel app

Shovel Study Planner
Use the only study planner that actually lets you plan your tasks.

2. Free eBook

Free eBook - Learn how to build a study plan
Learn how to study effectively to have better grades and more fun.

This is What Shovel Students Say

Mackenzie - Shovel Student from BU
"I went from almost failing to straight As"
Shovel app saved my grades! I went from almost failing to straight As in upper-level neuroscience classes in a year – love this app!

I recommend Shovel to all the incoming freshmen on my fencing team and any teammates that struggle with time management.

I’ve made the Dean’s list every semester since I started using Shovel and would recommend it to every student who wants to get good grades.

I promise you. If you get Shovel, your grades will go up and your stress levels down.

Mackenzie, BU – Neuroscience – Fencing

Jake - Shovel Student from Purdue University
"The most powerful and valuable tool"
Shovel has absolutely transformed the way I plan my studying and personal time.

While my friends and classmates complain about the stress of assignments and studying, I feel no anxiety about when and how I will get things done.

Shovel has truly reduced my stress by an incredible amount and shown me exactly what I need to do in order to succeed.

I cannot imagine how I would plan and allocate my time without Shovel. It is the most powerful and valuable tool that a college student can have.

Jake, Purdue – Data Analytics

Kayla - Shovel Student from Tampa University
"The Cushion helps me look ahead"
Anxiety about school can be crushing. Often, this is the result of thinking that there won’t be enough time to complete tasks.

Shovel equips you to carve out that space in your schedule, plan tasks into specific times, and check them off from your classwork list and still have time to enjoy life!

Using the Cushion graph in Shovel helps me look ahead with peace of mind that this semester is manageable, even at the times when it feels like everything is crazy.

No matter what your major or coursework is like, I couldn’t recommend Shovel enough.

Kayla, University of Tampa – Nursing

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