Appreciate Your Patience!

I want to apologize to all of my site visitors for my delay in updating the site.  I have several companies and many projects that I’m involved in and have just not been able to get a new site done when I thought I would.  It is high on my priority list as I have a new college related project underway that I think you will like.  Stay tuned!


21 thoughts on “Appreciate Your Patience!

  1. Thank you! I’m a 2nd year student. This guide has been helpful so far this semester. I wish I would’ve known about it last year.

  2. Hi I’m from Australia and I love this site! Thank you so much for making it. It’s exactly what I needed to start my second year of uni next year. I did pretty average this year unfortunately. Can’t wait to see your new site (:

  3. I may have found your site to late but I will give it my all and try not to fail out this semester from PTA school. I am an adult learner moving from a career in law enforcement to the medical field in trying to give my 3 boys (ages 11, 3 and 1) a father who is home on weekends and at night. My instructor for Gross Anatomy assigns readings from the textbooks and then lectures off of PowerPoint’s. I have started highlighting my readings and taking notes from lectures in the format you suggested, Do I take notes from the text and PowerPoints or just in class? The PowerPoints are very high level but any in class questions are deferred by her to the PowerPoint.She is not very approachable so I have avoided clarifying with her my questions and have tried to use my peers, this is a mistake I will rectify. Thank you for this resource and I hope next semester to be able to put all over your time management techniques into practice from the beginning.

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH,GOD BLESS YOU. THIS IS AMAZING,YOU’RE AMAZING! Its really common sense,can’t believe how simple it is! Anyway, I always say better late than never. So here’s my story real quick: I graduated high school in 2011 and I went straight to Texas Tech University,I attended for 3 years and basically failed out,doing bad EACH and EVERY single semester (combination of many of the bad habits your article covered,changing majors 7 times,and silly enough not figuring out/knowing how to study)=thousands of $ wasted,(major debt),time,and nowhere near a degree. I thought FINALLY giving up and coming back home (Houston,TX) to community college would solve everything. I did even worse if that’s possible,failing every class. I am just another college soul exhausted from the endless cycle of failure who just wants to GRADUATE,and now I have to the tools to do so….so thanks for being the answer to my prayers.

  5. also forgot to mention: CANNOT believe this necessary revelation was as easy as typing in on google “how to study in college”..2 seconds of my time plus 1 hour reading your article=lifetime of success…again,can’t thank you enough!!!!!!

  6. I go to one of the best universities in the nation, but attended one of the worst high schools in my state. This fall, I failed a class and dropped another class, and this was after many hours of work and meetings with academic coaches. None of them gave me some of the advice you had on here! I constantly stayed up extremely late, didn’t put fitness as a priority, waited too long to sit in the front, and was wondering why I couldn’t stay focused. I also did the majority of my studying in my dorm room next to a roommate who was talkative and had even worse habits than myself. There are obvious changes I wanted to make in the spring (go to office hours, sit in front, etc.), but your system is great and the whole idea of planning and using small chunks of my day makes everything seem way more doable! I really want to make my parents proud and I don’t want to waste any more time & money. In short, thanks.

    • Hey Stephanie. Thanks for sharing and good luck to you. It really is about getting things done in small bites and doing it now. I was just having this conversation with my daughter who is planning on going to Physician’s Assistant grad school. She is working 12 hour shifts at a hospital and says she can’t find the time to study. I told here – take the study guide, count how many pages are in it, figure out how many you need to do each day and just do that. Everyone looks at studying at sees chapters. Just worry about pages. If you have 30 minutes of spare time, then read the 5 – 10 pages that you can do. Don’t worry about what you can’t do – just focus on what you CAN do. Remember that day is always better than night. Getting an hour of reading done at 2:00 – 3:00 is way easier than doing it at 9 – 10 when you are tired and your friends are all out doing things. Get as much done in the day as you can and save your nights for review – or for having fun. And yes, always sit in the front of the class. It doesn’t matter if there are two rows empty behind you. Front and center every time. Exercise? It’s a class – schedule it, do it. You wouldn’t miss class, don’t miss fitness. Now and for life.

      • Hey Jim! I just wanted to say thank you creating this site. I am about to begin my 2nd semester of my freshman year. I didn’t so well last semester. I procrastinated, stayed up late for no reason, didn’t use my time blocks effectively. That’s all going to change this semester thanks to you!

        I must say, I am worried because my first day of class is today but only one professor has uploaded their syllabus so I feel kind of behind :/ I know it’s not my fault but im worried about not having my books in on time, etc.

        Another thing, I take the SAT in two months (yay) because I am applying for transfer to another school next fall (financial reasons). I’m trying to do really well, even willing to sacrifice my “fun” time prepping for the exam. It’ll be over before spring break so I can enjoy then. Its time to buckle down. Any advice? kinda wanna treat it as if studying for another class…I’m not sure. But thanks again for this site! I hope to hear from you soon!

      • Thanks for the comments and good luck on the transfer. It can be tough to change schools. I was just going through my son’s syllabus yesterday. It is amazing how loaded those things can be with information. You can’t spend too much time studying that thing and really understanding what is important. HIs is like a maze of class and lab times, quiz and exam dates, homework assignments, etc. Lots to remember in there and the penalties are big for forgetting even a single thing. Make sure you understand everything you need to do and get it on a calendar and set reminders. I’m going to do a video on moving all of his over to a Google calendar. Thanks again and good luck. Get plugged into that new school and ‘own it’ top to bottom. Get involved in everything you can while you can.

  7. Great info. I am graduating this semester with my undergrad. I am retaking a class which has made it extremely difficult to stay focused. I have been going at this degree for 7 years straight due to needing to work full time raising a family of 4. That is where this comes in. When studying on weekdays, I only have 6 hours set aside to study Mon-Wed because Thurs night I have a 3 hour lab from 7p-9:45p. I wake up around 6-6:15am every morning to workout because I know how important that is for many other things. After being gone from the family from 8a-5p (which will soon be from 8a-5:30 (or 6p) not counting travel time 20 minutes before and after Monday-Friday I feel it a priority to help with cleaning up dinner and spending time with my wife and two kids before we put them to bed around 8p. I don’t feel I could really study or focus knowing that I’m getting home, rushing to eat and then leaving them again for another 4 hours every night. Family time is important to me as much as it is to them. The more I am away from them the greater attitude they can have towards my wife. The only times I have to study are blocked out from 8p-10p Mon-Wed (again, because of the 3 hour lab Thursday) except going back to school after work on Wed from 5-6p for a study group session and also Saturday from 1-3p while my kids are napping. I’m also needing to start taking away work hours to fill in with school obligations for requirements of the class which also hurts my income, which is not very high (trust me, I’m embarrassed to say we have food stamps). I try to avoid studying Sundays because of my beliefs and church obligations that day.

    I am still trying to figure out “what I want to be when I grow up” (now that I’m 27). My attitude right now is to get a B- in this class because my GPA will stay the same; but I honestly feel that I would accept the C- (lowest grade I can get for it to count passing to graduate) just so I can be done. I’m just starting to feel worn out after 7 straight years of school for an undergrad.

    The hard thing right now is understanding the material again (I took this class 2 years ago) and getting enough study time in to study and pass the class. I read from the book, highlight, go over his lecture notes, power points, and objectives. It just feels like too much to take in with the available time I have to do it that I feel lost already only being in 3 weeks of the semester. He hammered to us that you will only understand this by practicing, and that is all he told me I when I asked for guidance and heard him say to other students.

    Sorry, this sounds like a therapy session…

    • You could just use this as your resume and I’d hire you. It starts with caring and clearly you do. I can’t imagine the time commitments you must have a family of 4. Don’t settle for B’s and C’s. I’m sure after 7 years you are getting a bit burnt out, but try to stay focused. Make sure you are taking notes using the Cornell method and make sure you write possible test questions for every page of your class notes as well as your textbook. That little extra time now saves you time when studying for the exams and significantly increases the effectiveness of the study. Good luck.

      • i really appreciate your comment. I hope it turns out to something since it don’t plan on persuing further education. I have been using the notes/study method and it is helping; I just be need to learn how to do it better. Thanks again. You’re doing a great thing.

  8. Wow. Thanks for all the info and the effort you put in. This site is an answer to all my questions. I got a call from my son last year and he was and is a nervous wreck. It’s horrible to know that your kid was the best student in his class in high school only to see the grades and self confidence go down so early on in college and not have any idea what’s going on. I mean, all of a sardine he’s so all over the place he doesn’t even know how to study (And I can’t help asking myself – how the hell can he not know how to study???) and I feel like pulling all my hair out.
    I’m hoping this site will help us both stay sane during this second semester.

  9. Wow…..please keep on posting and writing articles. I haven`t even started college yet and I`ve felt absolutely hopeless about my study and note taking habits. I have a totally new outlook on school now from reading your site. Please PLEASE keep writing. There is so much more I wish to know about. I wish more parents cared about their kids success as much as you do.

    • Also it would be awesome if you had some sort of email because I have so many individual questions too!
      Can you specify this same study technique for a semester consisting of multiple chapter quizzes and then a test?
      How can you study with a textbook if you are in highschool and cannot mark it up?

      (just to name a few of the questions i have)

  10. Thank you so much for this! I usually take notes using my iPad and writing on the lecture PowerPoint slides as it saves paper and a lot of time, however I hate reviewing them afterwards. In fact I never look at them again despite the notes looking colourful and easy to read.

    For some classes I am going to try the Cornell method but for one of my classes it would be impossible to use it in the lecture itself. The lecturer doesn’t record the lectures and leaves blank areas in the PowerPoint slides as an attempt to keep people focuses but flicks through far too quickly so the blank areas are barely filled in with the correct info 😦 this would make it too difficult to take notes without writing on the slides initially as I would have no idea what slide the info belonged to. It really bothers me as I would rather just sit and listen to the concepts but in that class I cannot as I have to worry about filling in the blank spaces so I’m completely absorbed in filling the blanks in 😦

  11. Thank you for this wonderful website! I’m a second year law student from Spain that had some problems managing time for study, and I say “had” because now I see things more clearly thanks to your tips. Can’t wait for the new web 🙂

  12. Hello. I am a sophomore in High School. First off I wanted to tell you how amazing this website is. Secondly I had a question regarding the ways to study a book in High School. We are unable to write in any of our books. What suggestions do you have to work around that? Any additional info/tips/suggestions you would like to share with a high school student, I would love to hear it!
    Thanks again,

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