Thanks To Everyone

Thanks to everyone for your comments.  Again, my sincere apologies for lack of follow up with each of you on your comments.  I am deep into a college related project that I think everyone is going to find very useful.  I do have this site high on my list to dramatically improve and follow up with everyone who comments.  Thanks for your patience and good things are on the way.  By the start of the next school year, I’ll be ready!


32 thoughts on “Thanks To Everyone

  1. Dude, honestly you should not apologize. This site is badass, I am an A student because of you! I am just curious if this system works for organization in general – work, projects, etc.

    • Hi and I at least need to apologize for the late reply. I appreciate your kind words. These concepts can work anywhere. It’s just about knowing what you need to do, clearing distractions and just getting started. I really recommend a book I’m reading now called Stop Talking Start Doing by Shaa Wasmund. It’s subtitled ‘A Kick In The Pants In Six Parts’ and it’s exactly what I need to get me going on this project as well.

      • Hey, I thought it might be worth mentioning on your site that you shouldn’t try to do everything at once. Meaning… when following your advice and eating right/exercising/planning, don’t hit the ground running right when you get into college. Starting to exercise and changing your body’s’ food routine immediately when starting college would only stress you out worse. I think it would be better (if you’re not already fit and eating right) to start planning and incorporating your routines about 4-6 months before college starts.

      • I realize that you are developing a new website, but I can’t find any help on your current website. I’m a mom and am looking for resource help for my son. Everyone’s comments sound so encouraging, but I haven’t been able to source any of the information. Help!!!

      • Hi. Sorry for the late reply. I’ll have both a new site and a study guide coming out in August for the new year. It will provide you with a lot of good advice. I’ll let you know when it is out.

  2. This site is fantastic…I am a current undergrad, preparing to enter law school next year…how I wish I had these tips and straightforward advice when I started my college career! At least I know this for law school and I’m sure it will help me. I am preparing to take the LSAT soon and wanted to ask…do you have any advice specifically tailored for that (taking the LSAT and law school)? I remember reading in one of your posts that you went to law school and I’d love to hear your thoughts on that as well. Maybe a post specifically about that or – even better – I could provide you with my personal email to facilitate communication…

    Again, thank you so much. This is all fantastic stuff.

  3. I think this is a masterpiece. My son just finished his freshman year and is retaking a few classes to improve his grades. He’s smart as whip but i think needs to understand study skills. So this is the answer to our prayers. I’m going to pass it along to my Senior in high school too and help him get prepared. You should teach this course in high school.

    Thank you again.

  4. your website is THE best! I’m a Brazilian student and I loved almost everything! Yes, I didn’t like some hard things to me, but I will try doing. I have classes from 7:30 to 12:15 AM with just a little break of 15 minutes every week day, but a lot of free time divided into a lot of small pieces. I am going to use your tips. Thank you and sorry for the bad English!

  5. I’m having a hard time studying and staying focus in college, I read all your post deciede to try your methods and see what happens ,Im starting out by going to get day planner and then off to the library,to fill it out and study before my next class. The motivation, time management and just overall staying organized and ahead of things I feel like is really going to help me out.

    • Thanks for your comments. Sounds like you are developing a system and that is always better than just winging it. Know your workload, break it down into small steps, know how long it takes, and get it small bites done, early and often.

  6. Hey there sir, my named is Roman Ba, I have been getting only one A, that p.e. I’m on academics probation standards. I’ve read your guide on how to do well in college and knowing how to get multiple A’s. Sometimes I found myself dreadful after 3 weeks of school. Getting behind on the studies, staying up late to study and cramming a lot of materials into my head, eating late, and always enjoying my late night with good meals. I know that school is very important for some people who wants to make their career out it and enjoy the moment getting good grades in college. I always tend to think about what I’m going to do and never done it. Therefore, with that said my major is a Dental Hygienist. How can I get A’s my only problem is that you put down scaning through the test and taking notes on the left side margin only. I understood that. What I don’t understand is how do you study for upcoming test. Is there a way you can show me. Test is huge part of college. Fail the test, fail the grade.

    • Hi Roman. Sorry for the late reply. I have been traveling and not monitoring the site as often as I should. When you say taking notes on the left side margin only, I’m not sure what you mean. When taking notes in class, take notes on one side, but leave yourself room to write test questions on the left. When reading a textbook, that can be more difficult. Some textbooks leave very big margins on the side of each page for the sole purpose of taking notes. Others leave hardly any. If that is the case, you need to use a notebook. With a textbook it is important to read and identify the main points of each paragraph and highlight as succinctly as you can. Ask yourself – what is the most likely thing that I will be tested on in this paragraph or set of paragraphs. Highlight as few words as possible, but enough to provide the ‘trigger’ for remembering the concept. Then in the margin, write a test question. The best was to study for exams is to cover your notes or textbook pages with a sheet of paper so that you can only read the test questions. Read each one and then answer it by heart. It’s really that ‘simple’, although I know it often is not. If you know every question by heart, then you’ll most certainly know it at exam time. It is important not to wait. You should write your test questions at the time you take your notes or read your textbook pages. Then start studying immediately. Don’t wait weeks until the exam. The week before the exam should be review, not cramming. I will have some new materials out soon that will give more specific examples that will help you next semester.

  7. The information provided on how to achieve A’s is going or, I am sure, has helped a lot of people. I am interested in the mailing list information on highlighting. Thank you so much about providing this information to help others. Idetha Harris.

    • Hi Idetha. 2016 will be a big year for this site. I’ll spare you the details for now, but I do plan to provide a more extensive and organized coverage of various techniques with lots of examples, including highlighting. I put the signup form on the site so I can keep in touch with those who are interested. I’ll be ready soon.

    • Yeah, I did do things differently in high school. I smoked way too much pot and drank too much and I didn’t even graduate with my class. I was a complete loser. Other than that, I was just like every other high school kid! I didn’t have study habits and that’s why I became a student of them when I got into college. I was obsessed with doing well in college but I knew I had to figure out good study habits or I wasn’t going to make it. The workload in college is greater and the content is more difficult, or at least it should be. That’s all the more reason for students to follow a specific set of habits each and time. Same way, every day until it becomes a habit. The key point I make on the site is doing small bites early and often. Waiting too long stresses you out and causes you to take shortcuts. The only difference in college is you’ll be taking more small bites than you did in high school.

  8. Hiya Jim and thank you very much for this site. I am not doing well, in fact I haven’t done much at all since I started my first year in uni. In my desperation, I resorted to google and landed at your site. Soon as I get back from my winter break, I am going to follow your plan. I just have one question.. I’ve read that human concentration span is 45/60mins long so is the 2-3hours chunk of library time really going to be so effective? How can one even concentrate for that long? I find it quite easy for my mind to wander, for me to get restless or even irritated that nothing seems to be going in after a while of forced concentration for a prolonged period of time. So how am I to manage to study for such a large chunk of time without my productivity fast declining? Thanks in advance!

    • Agree totally. There is no way anyone can study solid for that long and you shouldn’t. Each person is different. Focus for as long as you can and then stop. I would just sit and look around or more often get up and walk around. Go to the magazine racks or grab a newspaper. Whatever works for you. Just release the stress. The main thing is to stay in the library. Once you walk out the door the opportunities for distraction are greater. You might also try the Pomodoro technique. Basically it’s just breaking your work into short blocks, generally 25 minutes and then take a short break. I prefer to just go with how I feel. 25 minutes may be too short, but it may be too long depending on what you are doing. No surprise that there are apps for that too. Anyway, definitely take breaks. Clear your head but get back into it as quickly as you can and don’t let distractions pull you too far away.

  9. This website truly turned my entire life around, in high school I was a truly mediocre student. However just before college began I disproved this page and read every bit of it and decided to follow exactly what you laid out and nothing could’ve helped more. I am now one of the top students in my major (biology) and am on track to a dream career that I believe fits me perfectly. Without this sit I don’t know what I would be doing with my life because without the tools I learned I certainly wouldn’t be cut out to reach my goals. So again thank you SO much you helped me more with my goals than any other single thing I can think of.

  10. This website truly turned my entire life around, in high school I was a truly mediocre student. However just before college began I disproved this page and read every bit of it and decided to follow exactly what you laid out and nothing could’ve helped more. I am now one of the top students in my major (biology) and am on track to a dream career that I believe fits me perfectly. Without this sit I don’t know what I would be doing with my life because without the tools I learned I certainly wouldn’t be cut out to reach my goals. So again thank you SO much you helped me more with my goals than any other single thing I can think of.

    • Congrats to you and keep doing your best. Appreciate the comment. Students like you are why this site matters and needs to get better.

  11. Sir, your advise is gold. Following your study strategies has made college so much more manageable and stress free for me. I would’t have done so well last semester if it wasn’t for your website. The only problem I face is that studying in the library isn’t always feasible for me because I live 3 hours away from campus; especially in the evenings and on the weekends. Hence, I do most of my studying at home but end up getting distracted by the internet or something else at home. This cuts so much of the blocks of time that I had allocated for studying. Do you have any suggestions on creating a distraction free environment at home so that I can use the time that I have much more efficiently?

    • Thanks for your comments. I like any environment that separates you from home. There are just too many distractions. I like a clear separation between study and home or social life. It should be like going to work. No distractions, no exceptions. That said, if home is all you have, just be very disciplined about closing your door, shutting off all electronics and focusing on getting things done. The Internet is a curse for sure. We are all guilty of wasting time on it. Again, just try to draw a clear line between study and everything else. Don’t allow anything to interrupt you in any way. Take short breaks, but get right back into it. In August I will have a new site, a book and a time management system that I think you’ll find really helpful. Keep an eye on the site.

      • Looking forward to August. I really appreciate all your efforts in helping us become better students. I just had one concern. Since I live in Bangladesh, it is often difficult for me to get a hold of books from other countries. Will there be an ebook available for the book that you’ll be releasing?

      • It is ready to go to print, but we are waiting until we get the website and web app done as well. The app is the main holdup right now. I am guessing October at this point.

  12. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your site. If it had been a book, I’m sure I wouldn’t’ve been able to put it down. I’m not in college, but I am in the military and have my promotion test to study for (waited last minute naturally). I was searching for some great study techniques and found this site. I wish I had found it earlier because my little sister just graduated college. I’ll send it to her in case she decides to get her Masters. I love how you break your strategy down step-by-step. I don’t get test anxiety, but I do get studying anxiety. I wasn’t sure how I’d manage to study a 400 page handbook on being an Airman, but, with these tips, I feel I can do it. While I’m not quite ready to retake the college plunge, I am planning on taking CLEPs and DSSTs to get some of those credits out of the way. I’m looking forward to incorporating this time management technique into my life.

  13. Hi Jim! Thank you for the tips. I am a final year student & I don’t know if I can raise my GPA high enough to graduate decently, but I have to try. I just wanted to write to you to ask you on your thoughts. I think I may need harsh truth if it calls for it. I don’t know how to say this without sounding like I’m bragging, because I really am not. I’m stating it matter-of-factly. You see, since my freshman year I have not been doing my essay assignments. My grades are affected because when I don’t submit my essay, I won’t get the credit for that thus pulling down my entire grade. I just cannot seem to start writing my essay at all. I feel anxious & guilty. I feel terribly awful when I receive emails from my professors asking why they haven’t received my work or if everything is okay. I feel so awful I continue my essay but the progress is slow & I still cannot complete it. Or, I will write it halfway and never seem to manage to finish them, thus, not submitting. My feelings of guilt doesn’t last for long, I mean if it lasts long, I would be in a rush to complete it but I’m not!! It’s so frustrating. Because of all this, I have to extend a semester. I’m having my exams this week, which means my current semester is ending soon, but I’m trying to do essays instead of revising. Am I depressed, have a serious problem, have terrible habits or just plain lazy? Hope to hear a reply from you. Thank you for your time!

    • It sounds like it is too late to do much about it now, but going forward you can. You recognize the problem and you have professors who care. You are off to a good start. For some reason you are just paralyzed. It is hard to generalize as every paper essay, paper, or other big project is different. First thing is go see your professor. Be honest with them about your difficulty getting started and see if you can get suggestions from them. It always helps to break big things into small bites. Do a detailed outline of what you plan to cover in your essay. Go ahead and run that by your professor too. See if they can show you examples of good essays and how they are structured and why they received a good grade. Lay out your own structure outline to mimic it. You sound like you are just lacking confidence and are being too hard on yourself. The best way to deal with procrastination is to just get started. Do something and the smaller and easier the better. Just get something done and get it handed in. Doing something is always better than doing nothing. You’ll find out that you did better than you think and if you didn’t as least you can learn why. Go see the professor yet again and have them explain what the problems will and how you can improve going forward. I appreciate your comments as this is worth a series of blog posts in itself. New site definitely coming in August with some great content and more consistent and fresh follow up after.

  14. I am anxiously waiting and so excited for August, for the launch of the new website. In the mean time, I have been practicing your amazing tips… 🙂 🙂 #cantwait 🙂

  15. Stumbled on your site after searching for ways to help my depressed and (feeling) defeated daughter who is away at college (sophomore). Thank You!! I printed up all of your pages and will share them with her and her two younger sisters (7th and 9th grade). I feel like I have been sharing a few of your tips with them for several years (no electronics!), but your system is very encouraging and organized! Perhaps it will also help them to hear it from you (and the people that posted positive comments here – I copied them too 😉 and to see it all in print. (I am anxiously awaiting your book!)
    I’ll keep you posted on their success!

  16. Hi Sir !It has been really helpful for me.Thank you very much. At the same time,I would like to ask how to study textbooks of technical subjects like maths and physics?The steps like read everything, isolate what matters , understand everything,ask professor and write test questions,Will these steps suit to the that type of subjects?Pls shed some light on it and also how to write test questions for maths and physics?
    Thank you very much.

    • Hi Kannan. I realize that math is a completely different animal and studying it is often different than what we suggest for other subjects. I actually plan to do an interview with a math professor as well as those in other subjects to get suggestions from them on the most efficient ways to learn in math and science. We’ll have new content for the upcoming year.

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