New Site FINALLY Coming By Fall

Yes, I will have a complete redo this website.  We’ll have a new site, an app, a book, am online learning center, a student forum and more.  Looking forward to a great 2017.


118 thoughts on “New Site FINALLY Coming By Fall

  1. Hey Jim

    I have a question that you probably have already been asked by other students. I applied your advice extremely successfully this semester and for the first time in many semesters I didn’t fall behind with uni. Unfortunately, I fell sick and had to be hospitalized twice during this semester. This meant that I was not well enough to attend my classes for about 3 – 4 weeks. Now I am properly behind in all five of my courses. The exams are starting in two weeks. I have a mountain of workload ahead of me and the only thing that Uni has done is taken my mid semester tests and allocated their weighting to my exam. Do you have any advice on how I can catch up and still get good grades? I was doing so well and then fell sick all out of nowhere.

    Do i continue attending the last week of my classes? I have no idea what they’re talking about since i’m so behind.

    • Shame on me for not replying to this sooner. I would like to know how you solved this problem. Hopefully your professor cut you some slack.

  2. Dear Jim,

    Thank you so much for all the useful tips! I have been struggling for some years now in finding an adequate study method, but since applying your technique I find myself at ease in dealing with the piles of work and definitely more confident in handling the challenges given at college. A great and generous initiative for sure!

    Kind regards and all the best,

  3. Stumbled upon this site quite out of the blue.
    I’m so glad I did.
    It sums up everything so precisely! Thank you so much for having started this.

    I couldn’t help but notice that there don’t seem to be any replies to comments after September of 2016. Here’s to hoping you’ve created that new site and have kept writing about how to study in college (if so, please to let me have the link – I’d love to sign up for its newsletter, if any). And if not, I do hope that you’re in the process of and that you do one day.

    After going through everything on this blog, i have a question that I hope you find time to answer.

    How do I manage questions from friends and their coaxing me to go out with them in those small gaps of time between classes? This is a problem because I live away from college and am unable to spend much time with them after college. I go have lunch with them 99% of the time, and i do this while thinking “It’s alright. You were hungry anyway, weren’t you? It’s worth it”
    But, I’m pretty sure now that it’s not.
    How do I stop this?

    • I’ll admit that this site was just a hobby set up for friends and relatives and it turned into something way bigger than I thought. I have 3 kids of my own and am involved in several companies so it just hasn’t taken priority. That really is about to change. We have a new site, an amazing time management app, a book and a follow up program underway. It has taken way longer than expected but we hope to have it ready for the 2017 fall semester.

      The best way to keep your friends from pulling you away is setting a schedule and sticking to it. It’s just like a job. You are either working or you aren’t. Don’t let people pull you away from what you need to do. We like to say you get your A in ‘NO Time’ You have to say no to everything and everyone trying to pull you away. That said, if having lunch with your friends is your relaxation and you like to do it, then just plan it into your schedule. Why keep trying to resist the thing you like to do most. Figure out where to find time elsewhere. The value of time isn’t the same and clearly you value lunch with friends a lot. Meals are something you have to do anyway, so you might as well do them with friends.

  4. Jim,

    I hope this finds you well. In short, I am struggling.

    Here’s my story. I am, well, some would say, a pretty successful enlisted Army Staff Sergeant with almost tens years of service. I dropped out of high school in the tenth grade due to childish things and grew up with working class parents that weren’t successful academically and quite honestly abused drugs to a point where it damaged my mother’s heart and depressed my father to a breaking point. In a sense, it was like they just gave up on the ambition to excel and dream.

    Oddly enough, without anytime management skills and intense learning, school came easily to me. Well, sort of. I always seem to get good grades in the short term, but could never be able to explain something to another person past a seven-day window. Deep understanding seems to diminish extremely fast. Immediately after high school I earned my GED and went straight to an Army recruiters office. You see, I grew up in a less than affluent town. I knew I would just be left there stuck in the same bubble as everyone else, working less than blue collar jobs and wishing I could move. I needed adventure, I needed substance and meaning in life. I seem to have much more than my fill of substance at the moment. Hence my plea for help today.

    To be frank, time management is not my strong point and the only reason it seems I have been successful is the enormous amount of stress I put on myself to succeed. Most of the time at all costs. This includes family. I am a father who has sacrificed an enormous amount of time, admittedly time wasted- working, stressing-wash, rinse, repeat for 9 years/

    Today I received my evaluation report for my rating period before I depart my overseas location back to the states. Mostly it stated I exceeded all standards; promote now; far exceeds peers etc. I couldn’t have felt more defeated. As I sit there and am explained that “hey kiddo, you deserve it, you should be happy”. The opposite is actually the truth. Professionalism is at my core and I can politic and de-conflict like no other, in others, but not myself.

    I stopped by your admittedly very catchy website because like others, I am lost in the college world.
    But really I am lost in life. Again, time management eludes me. But after reading your site. I think there may be hope. I particularly like where you correlated your flying lessons to real life values and applied them accordingly. I honestly wanted to tell you I’m going to take the “Next two things” approach and use it as my mantra for the next week as well as the calendar template to assist in organizing this hectic life I have and simplify my time and use it wisley.

    Thanks for the time you put into this. Something as small as “Next two things” and the notion of passing on your success story truly speaks volumes about you as a person. I have a firm belief that karma rules all and what you put in life, is what is given back to you. Because let’s face it, you never really know who these types of things can reach.

    Thanks again
    -SSG, USA
    Okinawa, Japan

    • Thanks so much Kevin. I appreciate all of your comments and your story is amazing and an inspiration. Sounds like you stuck with it and really turned things around. I was a drug abusing idiot who didn’t even graduate with my class, so I now that drill myself. One book I would highly recommend is David Allen’s Getting Things Done. It really helps you focus on what matters most each day. Time management in college really at the heart of most problems. We’ll be launching something this summer that will help students do that much more effectively. I’d love to show it to you and get your feedback when we get into beta. Thanks again for your story and your service.

  5. Hello Mr.Jim ,

    Thank you so much for this great blog . I really enjoyed it and I am waiting the new website and app .

    Indeed , I have a different kind of problem , but I think that you may give me an advice on it .
    I am studying in Italy and the University system here is quite different from others in Europe in the matter of exam scheduling ( and the whole world ) . There’s , of course , a schedule for exams each semester . However , for each subject on the current semester ( or the previous semesters ) there are 3 different dates that the student can do the exam in . There are 2 weeks or a month between these dates .Students , legally , have the complete freedom to accept or refuse the score in the exam and can redo it in the following date Simply or in the next exam session of the nest semester ( if it was the last date ) .

    Now , I am in the fourth year of Medical School and because of this system and because of my habits , I got so many subjects from last years to do and I am not able to push myself forward simply because I know in advance that if I failed I can do it again and nothing will happen . The problem is that there’s always a second chance , a third and a fourth , ….etc.

    What makes the matter worse is that there are no quizzes or mid-semester exam so that during the courses I am struggling with pushing myself to study because there is nothing pushes me . Another factor is that I am away of home so that my parents are not that close so they can motivate me to study . Also , post-exam vacation is not the thing that motivates me because in the begging I plan to do all exams in the first dates so that I can enjoy the vacation and then I start to procrastinate till the last dates and finally I find myself that I am in the next semester or starting the summer( and going back home ) without that big achievement.

    My scores in the exams that I have done are not bad , they are quite good ( though I still have to work to increase my average ) , but I am late with many .

    I was not like this in the high school . I was always on time and getting the best scores in my batch .However , things changed in the university and I really want to go back to finish these exams . I don’t find subjects hard in the university , it’s just that I can’t push myself to study .

    I really wish that you can help me from your experience . I know it is from different place but I really appreciate any kind of help.

    Thank you so much .

  6. Hello! John again here. I wanted to ask
    For the 2-3 hours we spend studying a day for the week, when I study, should I read the test question and then read the highlighted answer? Or should I just read what I’ve highlighted during these study sessions, and the week or two before the exam I start using the test questions to test myself.

    Also for my schedule, my only free time is lunch and 2 1.5 hour breaks, no time for library at night! Again I travel 1hr+ getting to school by subway. I don’t stay late at my school as the area gets dangerous during the night, so I go home and by the time I get home those days, the public library has closed. Instead of trying to do the 2-3 hours at the end of the day, I was thinking of using the 1.5 hour breaks I have those days since it will add up to 3 hours. Tu/Fri I have completely open, so I can do the work I have on those days, and do the studying at the end of the day.
    Also, do you think its good to maybe do small tasks during that train travel time? Such as a reading assignment?

    • Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been doing some traveling. Always cover your highlighted material and self test first to see how much you already know. Students often spend too much time looking at material they already know. Read your test question and see if you can answer it by heart. As for when, you should start self testing as early and often as you can when you have spare time. Ideally you will ‘start’ studying the week before the exam and realize you already know everything perfectly. You can focus on just the concepts that you think might give you the most difficulty. As for time, we always emphasize that minutes matter. There is no need to wait until you have a big block of time to be getting things done. Reading a single page is one less page you’ll have to read later. If a train isn’t too distracting, then sit yourself in the back, put your head into the book and get anything done that you can. You’ll find that you’ll get more done using small blocks of time than most students do using large ones. Short intense study sessions with a break in between can also be more effective than trying to study too much for too long.

      • Hello Jim. Thanks for the reply. I’m a bit confused.
        During the library time during the week, generally what I do is read the test question and then read the answer (answer is what I have highlighted). But I notice in the guide it says highlighting lets us scan over notes quick. I noticed instead of reading my test questions and reading the highlighted parts of my notes saved me more time then using the test questions.
        But are you saying we should always test ourselves during library time? Even if an exam is really far from the current time? Because what if you get lets say some new lecture notes one day and on that day you go to the library to study. I can’t imagine you would get them correct testing yourself right away.

      • All good points and I guess it will depend on each situation. I always took notes, then reviewed them to make sure everything was clear, then at some point as early as I could, I’d write test questions. When I read any textbook, I’d highlight and then come back through reading the highlighted material only to make sure I understood it as is. Then I’d write test questions based on that. As for studying, from a practical standpoint, you are right that it really doesn’t make sense to start if a test is weeks away, but I guess that is relative to the expected size and difficulty of the test. My goal was to always start studying well ahead of the exam, whatever that meant. If you manage to finish up everything you have to do and can use any extra time to self test, do it. Remember, it isn’t an all or nothing thing. I’m a big believer in taking small bites whenever you can take them. Just start self testing just a handful of questions no matter how far out the test may be. See how you do. When you get close to the exam and really start studying, you’ll be surprised how much you already know and how little additional study you’ll have to do. I never had to cram for an exam ever. Early is often is always the best choice.

      • Thank you for the response! I appreciate it. I will take this advice to heart. One last question, for the new guide, book, website and app that’s coming out for the Fall 2017 semester, do you know if it will be released right before that semester starts? I think that would be a good idea so everyone can have a chance to check out the new guide and maybe grab the book before hand. That would be awesome and I’m very excited! Btw, just had my first Differential Equations exam, got an 86/100! Not bad :DD.

      • We will be in beta in May and should have the new website, learning center and other content ready in July / early August. Congrats on the exam! Not an easy one, I’m sure.

    • Hello. I finished the semester with 2 A’s and 2 B+’s, I was 1 point away from an A in my Differentials Equations :(. The good news is I was able to land an internship with Con-Edison, a electricity/gas/steam supplier for NYC and some surrounding states. MY good grades were gonna bring me up to a 3 gpa which is what I needed, and I started that semester with a 2.78.

      Unfortunately, the class I struggled in, I got a C- :(. I seriously have troubles with the topic in that class, its electric circuits. There so much problems to practice, and what I found out was the book makes many mistakes, so you can sit there for hours confused on a problem after you think you solved it, turns out you were taught something wrong cause the book had an error, or you were correct. I unfortunately found this out a bit late, I bought a supplement book and used your techniques to study concepts and I did well on my third exam, 75+10 point curve, so an 85, the class average was a 50!

      Unfortunately the 4th exam (which came right after cause the professor was running out of time to give the 4th one) I didn’t do well, something came up that week and it interfered with my schedule for studying, causing me to cram. The final exam, I just didn’t have enough time to catch up with the stuff from the beginning of the semester which I had a bad understanding of due to the other textbook and unfortunately just my confusion in class, I should of asked more questions. The professors office hours were during one of my class times and he wasn’t open to scheduling another time.

      With all that being said, I got to a 3 GPA, and then the C- brought me back down to 2.82, basically where I started. Cause of this, I lost my internship :(((. I decided to utilize the summer to learn new programming languages and build a digital clock I never got to complete in my other class (the reason being was due to snow storms, schools were closed during the winter and so our work was pushed back). This will be good for my resume, as I really didn’t get any replies applying to many places. The only reason I got Con-Ed was with the career department in my school, one of the career counselors was impressed with me and sent it in.

      Sorry I sort of make this a mini-blog everytime I comment, I won’t write big essays anymore.

      Also when is the new site coming! I’m excited to read it sorry if I keep asking

      • Great comments John and I certainly don’t mind hearing your story. What’s troubling to me is that you would lose an internship because of a minor setback. What I see here is a student who really cares about what he’s doing and is continually trying to improve. Too bad more employers don’t focus on that. I suspect you are going to be a great employee for someone soon. We do plan to launch both our site and our app in the next 60 days. This has been quite a journey for me as well and has taken on a scope way beyond what I though it would. I think you’ll be impressed with the results. I’d love to speak to you at some point when we do.

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