Study Habits That Work


10 thoughts on “Study Habits That Work

  1. Hi,
    Let’s say im one of those students who have no clue on how to study effeciently,full with anxiety, and just read through your website at the eve of semester exams :). Could you plz direct me to a recovery- rescue management plan? Thanks

    • Ha! Too funny. Hope you do well. Come back next semester, we will be ready to take care of you then for sure. You’re going to like what’s coming.

  2. Hi Jim, I just read trough your whole site and think it is on point. My son just finished his first year in college and it did not go well. I think the 1st semester was a big wake up call but the 2nd semester was a lesson in futility. I have told him since 10th/11th grade in high school the solution is not to study harder but to study smarter. I watched the video you have and he pretty much studies the way those who don’t do well do…does not highlight text, barely took notes in class (no one does he says) and reading his notes over and over. I have told him to use flashcards or use Quizlet but to no avail. I know nothing. We had a long talk last night and he said he may not want to live at school in the fall (we live close enough he could commute…less than an hour). He said living at school is very distracting. Even going to the library is distracting. His friend will talk to him and even if people are talking at the other table that distracts. Just as distracting is what I call the addiction to the phone. I told him he has to turn it off. He said he tries but people come around to find him and he still checks it. I think he will benefit from your process but this won’t happen overnight. What can I have him do over the summer to practice or learn how to take notes and schedule time? I like your example of how to block out your time during the week but what about recording all assignments due with due dates? Do you have an example of a calendar or grid for that? I’m very worried. He seems depressed and concerned over it yet when I make suggestions he’s not receptive. I think it’s overwhelming for him. I also think he feels he should be able to do this on his own but really doesn’t know how. I need ideas on how to have him work on this over the summer so he is comfortable with it for fall semester. We are going to meet with his counselor to maybe see if they offer any classes in note taking/ studying. He is not fond of studying in the library but I’m worried that studying in his room is not a good idea. Sorry for the long email but I want to help him before fall semester. Thank you.

    • Thanks for the comments. One of the biggest problems with students is developing a consistent system that they can use day in and day out that gets them consistent results. We have that coming. We’ve developed a very unique app that helps students manage their time and workload, a study guide, an online learning center as well as a followup program. I’d love the opportunity to talk with your son sometime before college to understand his issues and see if I can provide some guidance. We are really anxious to get some real world examples so we know the struggles that students have and if we are on the right track addressing them. I would advise against living off campus only because college is such a great experience and living there is part of it. I think he should be able to block our the distractions by setting times and places and just saying ‘no’ to anything and anyone. It is a process to develop good study habits and you have to take them one at a time and see the results. I get why students get frustrated because they really don’t have a concrete system that they can follow and see consistent results. We’ll have that. I’ll contact you directly and we can exchange info.

      • Give us 60 days. I promise! I know it’s been a long time but we are working diligently to get the app, book, and other materials done. You’ll be happy with the results.

    • I will just like to add. I had a bit of a same problem of friends coming to distract me in the library. I eventually put my foot down and said to them that I cannot talk with you guys in the library, I have to study. IF they find it rude, that’s too bad for them. They aren’t paying for my classes.
      There is an app I use for my laptop to block certain websites and programs at certain times to prevent me from getting distracted. I’m not sure if there is one for the phone, as I do not have a phone and haven’t had one in a while.
      If he’s depressed, I suggest he take advantage of the school’s health center. I did and it helped a lot, I was set up with a therapist and it was great.
      I’m not sure what your son is studying, I’m studying a field of engineering and unfortunately I was a bit similar to your son. Poor notes, no highlighting, not putting effort, and now in my third year I’m suffering a bit. I’ve been struggling to get my GPA up to 3 and it’s costing me many internship opportunities.

      Goodluck to you

      • Thanks for that comment. I agree totally. We like to say you get your ‘A’ in “NO” time. Just say no to everyone and everything that distracts you. You’ll find that real friends respect your time and need to get things done. Misery loves company and students who waste time like to find others to waste their time with. Don’t let them. Set your study time and live by it. No exceptions.

  3. I wasted my time in college and dropped out before grad. Now after 10 years, I am planning to go back. Thanks to you, I am confident that I will finish with flying colors.

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