Delay. The #1 Problem | HowToStudyInCollege

Don’t Wait

When you calculate the amount of material you need to cover each day for each class, you may be surprised just how little it really is.  Usually always under 10 pages per day – or 70 pages per week.

The temptation will be great to delay your reading, highlighting and test questions.   If you have class on MWF.   Instead of processing 10 pages each day, you’ll combine two or more days and do 20 or 25.

Don’t do it.  Resist that temptation at all costs.

Small bites work best.  Do something every day.  You’ll take your time, read more deliberately, highlight more effectively.

One day’s content is the foundation for the next.  Doing smaller amounts daily will improve  comprehension and retention.  When the unexpected interruptions occur, you’ll be ahead.

When you are rushed, you cut corners, you increase stress.  It’s subtle, but it’s there.

Resist the temptation to delay.  Do you daily number.  Every day.  No exceptions.  You’ll always feel refreshed, in control and ahead of the game.

Get ahead if you wish, but never fall behind.  Know the number.  Do the number.  Every day.