Shovel Is Free In Beta

Join today and use it FREE every year of college.

Shovel will help you manage your time and work in college like never before.

You’ll always know what you need to do, how much time you need, and the time you have to get it done. In real time.

Get better grades with way less stress and have more time to enjoy your college experience.


All we ask is for any feedback and suggestions you want to give us.

F. A. Q.

How is Beta different?

The purpose of Beta is to test how things work with thousands of students. We appreciate it when Beta users tell us about bugs and give us feedback and suggestions.

Do I have to start using it right away?

No. We realize it’s late in the semester and you may not have the time now. You can start next semester. We’ll follow up to help you get started.

How long is it free?

For Beta users, it’s free for the rest of their time in college as a thank you for helping us learn. We will end free Beta signups when we have a large enough test group.

How much will your paid version cost?

We don’t know yet. Our goal is to make Shovel affordable to any student.