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Jump Over Every Task With Shovel Study Planner

It doesn’t matter how you start. Only how you finish.

It really doesn’t matter what kind of student you are now. You can get things done faster, more efficiently, and with less stress if you follow our simply study system.

Just remember that the biggest cause of frustration in college is getting behind. You can solve that easily by being in complete control of your time and workload.

Invest the time during your first week of school to create a truly useful study plan.

Be honest with yourself about how you use your time and eliminate the things that are preventing you from getting your work done.

Know exactly what you have to do and the time it is going to take to get it done. Stay as far ahead as you can.

Get things done with ruthless focus and efficiency. Set specific times for studying and don’t let anyone or anything pull you away from them.

You already know in your heart that the best study tip of all is this:

Just get it done.


Don’t take the easy road.

Don’t settle for less than your best.

No more cutting corners.

No dumbing down your major.

No giving up on your dreams.

Never, EVER, even think about moving back home to your parents.

Tell me how you did. I really want to know.


Become the most organized
student you've ever been.

Shovel Study Planner