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Before I get started, a quick disclosure.

Many of the pages on this site contain references to, and screenshots of a study planner called Shovel. It is unique in that it lets students to manage their time and workload in real time. 

Most students create some kind of a study plan using a notepad, a day planner, or common online calendars such as Google or iCal. There are also a variety of study apps out there.

The problem with all of these tools is that they are just static to-do lists. They only tell you what you already know – that is, what and when you have things due.

None of them tell you the two most important things to make a real study plan: how much time you HAVE and how much time you NEED  to get those things done.

We created Shovel to do just that.

Shovel is unique in that it is a continuously updating study time calculator. It compares your available study time blocks with the estimated time you need to complete each task. It knows how much study time you HAVE, how much time you NEED, and if you have time to get each task done – all in real time.

College is dynamic. Activities happen spontaneously and your schedule changes constantly. With Shovel, any change you make are instantly reflected across your entire study schedule.

Shovel helps students make decisions about choices that may affect their study.

What if I decide not to study one night and go to the game instead? How will that affect the assignment that is due next week?

What if a study task takes hours longer than expected, do I still have time to get your other tasks done on time?

Shovel does that math for you, all in real time so you’ll know instantly how it affects everything you need to do, today, tomorrow, or next week.

With Shovel, you are always in control of your time and your workload. No more surprises.

Don’t worry. All of the advice on this site still applies no matter what planning tool you use, but Shovel will help you do it easier and more accurately than ever before.

You can learn about Shovel HERE.

Watch a short demo of how it works:

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