Make It A Habit

Same way, every day, gets you the A

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What’s this about?

  • How to make everything stick.

Not a single thing you read in here will matter unless you follow through. Unfortunately, that’s the hardest part. And if you are alone, without any kind of support, chances are you won’t stick to what you’ve learned here.

I could go on for hours about how important it is to make good studying a habit, but I have a feeling you already know that.

The problem is that forming good study habits is hard. On top of that, you don’t have the right tools to help you, you don’t really know how to do everything, and you have no support system in place. Well, that’s why there is the Shovel Program.

Let’s make good studying a habit…


Whatever you are doing now is not working for you. That’s why you are here. When we were putting the Shovel Program together, we knew that it could never become a habit if it didn’t do certain things:

  • It had to be simple. College students have enough difficult things to do already.
  • It had to be repeatable – a routine that you can do every day.
  • It had to get results. You’ll get more done in less time with less stress and get better grades. Most importantly, you’ll have more time to have fun.

The way we make good studying a habit is by combining everything into one system.

  1. The Shovel App to manage your time and workload.
  2. The Study Guide to teach you the best practices.
  3. The Learning Center to give you concrete examples.
  4. The Relentless follow-up program to make sure you follow through.

Habits are best formed not be reading, but by doing. The Shovel Program helps you get things done faster than ever before.

Every minute of every day.

Always know what’s next.

Know how much time you need.

Know how much time you have.

Set up everything on the first day and always have a current view of the entire semester.

Most importantly, Shovel teaches you how to be efficient with your time and effective with your study methods.

You’ll get the most done in the least amount of time with the best results. Shovel simply won’t let you do less than your best.

You will make perfect grades a habit. We’ll make sure that you do.

Start Shoveling.


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