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Add Grades

​Grade weights explained

Grade Weights Explained

The Pile > Schedule > Select a Course > Grades

The sidebar has your task sub-categories. Enter the total weight for each task sub-category. You will find this information in your syllabi under a section that professors often call ‘grading rubric.’

The weight of a task depends on the number of tasks in the same sub-category.

One task in a category: Some task sub-categories, like “Midterm Exam 1” have only one task. In that case, the task’s weight is the same as the weight of the sub-category.  

Multiple tasks in a category: Some task sub-categories have multiple tasks in them. In the example above, there are 5 Quizzes. Because the total weight of all quizzes is 10%, each Quiz’s weight is 2% of the overall grade in the course.

​Add a grade to each task

Add Grades

When you create a graded task (Test or Assignment) it automatically appears on the Grades page. When you get your grade back, simply enter the grade you received.

Percentages or Points

Enter Grades in Percentages or Points

When you’re adding a grade to a task, you can put it in as a percentage (ex. 90%) or in points (ex. 9/10). It just depends on how your professors grade your tasks. 

When you enter your grade for a task in one format, the other format becomes disabled. 

Add Grades for tasks in the past

Add Grade for task in the past

If you didn’t start using Shovel from the beginning of the semester, you didn’t create the tasks you’ve already completed and you don’t have them in the list on the Grades page.

Not to worry. There are basically two cases.

1. You don’t have a task sub-category for the task because there is only one task in that sub-category (ex: Midterm Exam 1): In this case simply click the ‘+’ button in the sidebar and create the task sub-category. The sub-category will appear in the list on the right. Then click the ‘+ ADD GRADED ITEM’ button. A line for the task will appear and you can put a date to it, name it, and add the grade.

2. You have a task sub-category in the sidebar because you have more than one task in that sub-category: In this case find the task sub-category on the right, click the ‘+ ADD GRADED ITEM’ and aline for the task will appear. You can put a date to it, name it, and add the grade.

Drop a grade

Drop a Grade

Some professors let you drop the lowest grade in a task sub-category. For example, you may have 11 Quizzes and they let you drop the lowest grade.

Simply click the ‘DROP’ button next to the task with the lowest grade. The weight of each task will go up, as now you’re not dividing the total weight of the task sub-category by 11, but only by 10.

The ‘DROP’ button will turn into a ‘USE’ button. So to use that Grade again, simply click ‘USE.’

Overall grade

Overall Grade For a Course

Shovel automatically calculates your overall grade for a course based on your grades and the weight of each task. Always know how you’re doing in each course.

Bonus grades

Shovel currently does not have a specific way to handle Bonus assignments. Every professor does this differently so you may have to play with the current capabilities of Shovel to make it work for you. If you encounter this case, please let us know what your professor does so that we can expand our functionalities.