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Awake Time

What is Awake Time?

Awake Time vs Sleep Time

Your Awake Time is all your possible available Study Time. (Your Study Time will get smaller as you fill in your Classes and Activities.) You need to set your Awake Time so that Shovel does not count your Sleep as available Study Time.

Do not do anything else in the app until you set your Awake Time.

Create Awake Time

Set Awake Time

Turn on Awake Time mode and either:

Drag and Drop the Awake Time ‘box’ from the sidebar into your calendar.


Click, hold, drag, and release anywhere on the calendar.

In both cases, a dialog will appear. Set your awake time and save.

Repeat Awake Time

Repeat options for Awake Time

Create different repeat patterns for your Awake Time.

Default: Set to repeat that day (Monday etc.) at the same time every week.

Repeat every xx weeks: If you have a two-week rotation, you can set a different Awake Time for every other Monday etc.

Same time for multiple days of the week: If you have the same Awake Time for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, select M, W, F.

Ends repeating: Default is set to the end of your exam period which covers the entire term (semester/quarter) so leave it there unless you need to change your sleep patter.

Change Awake Time

There are multiple ways to change your awake time.

Change Awake Time for a specific day: Open Awake Time on a particular day, make your changes, save, and in the overlay that follows, choose to edit only “this item.” That way you can squeeze in a few extra hours or Study Time when you need to.

Change Awake Time for an entire sequence: If you have a two-week rotation, you can set a different Awake Time for every other Monday etc.

Change Awake Time to a different weekly pattern: If you set the same Awake Time for every Monday, but want to change it to every OTHER Monday, you need to delete the entire sequence (Delete one Monday and then click “this and following Mondays” in the dialog that pops up). Then create your new repeat patter.

Important note about repeat patterns:

When you add an activity that repeats Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, you can create all 3 days at the same time.

But once created, the different days are not linked together, only the Mondays are linked together with other Mondays etc.

This way, if you need to change the time for only Mondays, you can do so quickly. Just open the Monday event, make your change and after you click save, select “This and following Mondays.”

Edit recurring activity

But to make changes for Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays, you need to do so for each repeat patter separately. In this example, you would change for all Mondays, then all Tuesdays, and lastly all Fridays.

Awake past midnight

Set Awake Time Past Midnight

The easiest way to set Awake Time past midnight is to do it through the overlay and not by dragging on the calendar. But if you’re dragging on the calendar, simply hold the end of the Awake Time and slide it over to the next day.