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Connect Google Calendar

​How to connect Google calendar

Connect Google Calendar to Shovel

Go to The pile > Schedule and click the ‘+’ button next to ‘Connected Calendars‘ in the sidebar.

Show Google calendar events in Shovel immediately

Sync gcal button

When you make changes in your Google calendar, you will not see them in Shovel right away. For technical reasons, they will appear only 10 minutes later. If you want to see them immediately, click the ‘Sync’ button next to the Google Calendar account in Shovel. 

Edit Google calendar events

Edit Google cal event

It is not possible to edit Google calendar events inside Shovel. Every Gcal event is displayed with a lock in Shovel. 

To edit the event: click event > overlay opens > click link in overlay – this link will take you to the event inside Google calendar.

Show Study Time during a Google calendar event

Free during gcal event

If you are not busy during a Google calendar event and want to study during that time, go to the event in your Google calendar > switch the event from ‘Busy’ to ‘Free.” Shovel will not count it against your study time. You can plan tasks during that time.

Why are my Shovel events not showing up in my Google calendar?

We show your Google calendar events in Shovel but not the other way around. Shovel is a planning tool where you can plan tasks into different study blocks and Google calendar simply does not allow us to display that information on their platform. Use Gcal for things like meetings you’re invited to, but use Shovel to plan out your days in detail.