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​Create a new Course

Create a new course in Shovel

In the Pile, select the Schedule tab in the sidebar. Click the + to add a course. Type in the name of the course and either click outside of the field or hit return. A new course is created. Change the color by clicking on the color square.

​Access  Course details

Go to course details

Everything associated with a course is displayed by clicking on a course name on the Schedule tab.

​Course details

Course Details

When a course is selected:

1. Task categories and sub-categories are shown in the sidebar.

2. Tabs named: Calendar, Task List, Grades, and Teachers appear on top.

Add a Class to your calendar

Drag and Drop to Create a Class in Shovel

Add a class to your calendar by dragging a course “box” from the sidebar into your calendar. When you release the cursor, the dialog below will appear. 

You can also add a Course to your calendar by clicking and dragging down within the calendar. A dialog box will open and you can select a course in the drop-down menu.

Set Class date and time

Set Class Date and Time

The first picker is for the date and time. The second picker is for time only. DO NOT CHANGE THE DATE.

Commute Time

Maximize Study Time With Shovel

This is the time you need to walk to and from your class. You may want to enter this to make study time blocks more accurate. For example, you may have 2 hours between two classes, but you spend 30 minutes of that time walking to the second class, so your study block is really only one and a half hours long.

Class location and details

Location and details for a class

Enter the building name and classroom number. This is not a geo-location field yet, but we’ll make it so in upcoming updates.

For details, enter what type of class it is (lecture, sections, lab) or anything else you want to know about the class.

Repeat options

Repeat options for classes in Shovel

You can enter the number of altering weeks you would like to repeat as well as specific days. Your classes will be automatically populated throughout the Calendar. You can set the end of repeat range to the end of classes, end of final exams, or a custom date.

Important note about repeat patterns:

When you add a class that repeats Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, you can create all 3 days at the same time.

But once created, the different days are not linked together, only the Mondays are linked together with other Mondays etc.

This way, if you need to change the time for only Mondays, you can do so quickly. Just open the Monday event, make your change and after you click save, select “This and following Mondays.”

Edit recurring class

But to make changes for Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays, you need to do so for each repeat patter separately. In this example, you would change for all Mondays, then all Tuesdays, and lastly all Fridays.

Delete a Course

Delete a course

Click on any Course in the Schedule tab to view the Course Details page. Hover the name of the course and a trash icon will appear. Click the icon and a dialog will appear with a warning that all data associated with that course will be deleted. Click the confirmation checkbox and delete your course and everything that is in it. Warning, this action is irreversible.