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Create New Tasks

​Drag and drop into the calendar

Create Tasks from the Calendar

The Pile > Schedule > Select Course > Drag and Drop a Task Sub-category into the calendar.

For speedy task creation, drag and drop a task-sub-category into the calendar. The date and time will be filled out so all you have to do is fill out the remaining required fields and click ‘create.’

You’ll be able to see your task appear on top the day in your calendar.

​Drag and drop into the Task List

Creating tasks from the task list

The Pile > Schedule > Select Course > Task List > Drag and Drop a Task Sub-category into the Task List.

This could take slightly longer than dragging task sub-categories into the calendar, as the date and time will not be pre-filled. 

Your created tasks will automatically appear in the Task List view.

​Time Needed

Time Needed

Estimate the time you need for every task. Shovel will compare it to the study time you have available and will tell you if you can get it all done.

Once you start working on a task and see that you’ll need more or less time, you can change your estimate to be more accurate.

​Page Range

Page Range for a Reading Task

Enter the page range for every Reading task. Shovel will multiply the number of pages you have to read with the Book’s or Article Type’s time per page and it will calculate how much time you will need for every reading.

If you have multiple page ranges in a reading, after you enter the first page range, click the ‘+ ADD RANGE’ button.

​Start Ahead (input field)

Start Ahead

Enter how many Days Ahead you want to get started on a task before it is due.

This is an important input field for every task in Shovel. Shovel will only calculate your available Study Time for a task during the time you actually plan to study for the task.

For example, it would not make sense to calculate your available Study Time from now until you to take a Quiz a month from now, if you only plan to start studying for it 2 days before the Quiz.

This makes the Cushion realistically accurate.

Enter zero (0) if you only plan to work on the task on the day it is due.

When a task reaches its Start Date, it will appear in the SHOULD BE WORKING ON Pile to remind you that you should plan it into your available Study Time blocks and start working on it.