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Custom events

​What are custom events

Custom Event in Shovel Calendar

Custom Events are the one-offs in your calendar. Meetings, concerts, sporting events. Not something you do week in week out. 

Individual Custom Events do not show up in the Schedule sidebar and they are fully filled in with color so you never miss them when you look at your calendar.

​Create a Custom Event

Create a Custom Event

In the Pile, select the Schedule tab in the sidebar. If you have a lot of classes or activities, scroll to the bottom of the the sidebar to see ‘Custom Events.’ Drag and drop Custom Event ‘box’ into the calendar. A dialog (below) will appear. Fill in details and save. The event will not appear in the sidebar as an item. You can create a new event from the same ‘box’ in the sidebar.

Enter event name, set date and time

Event name date and time

Enter the event name and easily adjust the date and time of the event. Don’t change the end date unless your activity goes over midnight.

Commute Time

Maximize Study Time With Shovel

This is the time you need to walk to and from the event. You may want to enter this to make study time blocks more accurate. For example, you may have 3 hours between your meeting and dinner, but you spend 10 minutes of that time walking from the meeting to the library and then 20 minutes from the library to the dining hall, so your study block is really only two and a half hours long.

Event location and details

Location and details for a class

Put in the location and any details of your event.

Repeat options

Repeat options for classes in Shovel

The default setting for custom events is that they do not repeat. But you can easily switch an event to repeat any way you want. But in that case, we’d recommend creating that event as an activity in the sidebar.

Important note about repeat patterns:

When you add an event that repeats Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, you can create all 3 days at the same time.

But once created, the different days are not linked together, only the Mondays are linked together with other Mondays etc.

This way, if you need to change the time for only Mondays, you can do so quickly. Just open the Monday event, make your change and after you click save, select “This and following Mondays.”

Edit recurring activity

But to make changes for Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays, you need to do so for each repeat patter separately. In this example, you would change for all Mondays, then all Tuesdays, and lastly all Fridays.

Delete a Custom Event

Delete Custom Event

Since Custom Events do not have their own category in the Schedule sidebar, you have to delete each one directly from the Calendar. Find the Custom Event you want to delete, open it and press delete. If it is a recurring Custom Event, decide whether to delete it only from that specific day or all the repeat days as well.