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Graded Categories

Where is the Grades page located?

Grades Page Location

Pile > Schedule > Select Course > Each course has a Grades page inside the course.

Points vs. Percentages

Points vs. Percentages for Grading Rubric

Depending on how your professors structure their grading rubric in their syllabi, switch between either Points or Percentages in the left sidebar on the grades page.

For example, professor in course 1 may say that your Final Exam is worth 140 points and a professor in course 2 may say that your Final Exam is worth 30% of your final grade. So for course 1 you would switch the grading rubric to Points and for course 2 you’d switch it to Percentages.

Tests and Assignments

Tests and Assignments in Grading Rubric

When you’re on the Grades page, the left sidebar will show your Test and Assignment sub-categories that you created in order to create tasks. Now enter the weight of each sub-category.

Reminder! Sub-categories are not tasks. You can have multiple tasks in each sub-category.

The weight of each task is determined by the total weight of a sub-category, and by the number of tasks in the sub-category: If all quizzes together are worth 20% and there are 10 quizzes, each quiz is worth 2% of the final grade.


Add Participation to Grades

Participation is not something you study for so you can’t create a regular task for it.

Here is how to add participation to your Grades page: Click the ‘+’ next to the participation category and add a participation sub-category like “Discussion Participation.” Enter the weight and it will appear in the list on the right. When you get your grade back, simply enter it in.