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Navigating Shovel

​Top Bar

Top Bar

Shovel’s Top Bar has 6 main elements:

1. The Pile: From here you can create your schedule, manage each course, and plan all your tasks.

2. Cushion: The cushion graph tells you if you can get every task done on time. Learn more about the Cushion.

3. GPA Calculator: Add your semesters and always know your current GPA.

4. Stopwatch: Stopwatch becomes active when you start timing a task. Clicking an active stopwatch will open task details.

5. Dark Mode: Give your eyes a rest and turn on Dark Mode.

6. Settings: Manage your profile, terms, subscription plan, and preferences.


Shovel’s Sidebar can take on many forms, depending on what page you are currently on.

In The Pile: You can switch between the ‘Schedule’ tab and the ‘Plan’ tab.

Inside a course: You can see all the task sub-categories and drag them into the calendar from the sidebar to schedule tasks for when they are due.

On the Grades Page inside a Course: You can see all your graded categories and set the weight for each category in either points of percentages.

In Awake Time mode: You can drag your awake time from the sidebar into your calendar.

In Study Time mode: You ca adjust your minimum Study Time block from the sidebar.

Course navigation

Course navigation bar

To see everything related to a Course, go to The Pile > Schedule > click on the Course you want to see.

Each course has 4 different tabs:

1. Calendar: See your calendar next to your task sub-categories. Drag task sub-categories into the calendar to create tasks.

2. Task List: All your tasks from a specific course are listed here.

3. Grades: Set the weight for each sub-category and add grades for each task.

4. Teachers: Add your teachers’ contact info.

Calendar navigation

Calendar Navigation

From the Calendar’s week view, you can:

1. Navigate: Go to other weeks.

2. See tasks due on a specific day: Graded tasks are red, ungraded tasks are grey. Click labels to see the tasks.

3. See how you spend each day: Classes, Activities, Events, Extra Time, Study Time, Commute Time.

4. Turn on Awake Time mode: Set your Awake Time for each day.

5. Turn on Study Time mode: Set your minimum study time block.

6. Adjust scale: Zoom out to see your entire day.



To get help with features and to learn how to get the most out of shovel you can:

1. Go to the Learning Center you are currently in.

2. Chat with us.