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Shovel Study Planner Hand Sticking Out Of Pile Of Homework

June 2, 2020

Minimize sidebar
Minimize sidebar in Shovel

Get a less cluttered view of your calendar or your task list inside each course by minimizing the sidebar.   

Planned Block Animation
Planned Block Animation in Shovel App

See exactly what happens when you plan a task as the slider for how much study time you want to use for a task slides to the amount of time you need for the task.    

Notification Center
Notification Center in Shovel

See what tasks have been moved to Overdue in the new Notification Center.    

Active links inside tasks and events
Active Links

Link directly to anything related to your tasks and events by copy/pasting the link into the details field.


Go to settings > localization and change: 

  • When your day starts
  • Time format
  • Date format
  • First day of the week
Reset Onboarding Tour
Active Links

Onboarding Tour should show up only once. You can skip it, but you can also reset it if you need a refresher.

May 18, 2020

Mobile Notifications (BETA)
Mobile Notification Planned Study Block

Get encouragement to start working and plan tasks into your Study Time Block right from your notification.

Never miss a beat. Get notified when to start walking to class and other events.

In your mobile app, go to More > Notifications to toggle which notifications you want to receive. 

Warning: Notifications are in BETA. Please let us know if you experience any issues.  

Month View
Month View Shovel Study Planner

See everything you have going on for each day in the month view, or FILTER only for the things that are most important, like Tests and Assignments.

Plan Your Tasks From Month View
Plan From Month View in Shovel

Drag and drop tasks from The Pile into specific days in the Month view to plan tasks for specific Study Times.

Improvements – Web App
  • Tracking progress on non-reading tasks: When you record how much time you spent on a task, we record WHEN you worked on the task to show you more accurate reporting.
  • Grade weights – expanded to 3 digits so you can enter an assignment that has up to 999 points. 
  • Other minor improvements
Improvements – Mobile App
  • Tracking progress same as on Web-App.
  • Ability to open task details from any task card (Agenda dot, Agenda, Planner, Pile)
  • Start Timer inside task details 
  • Notifications as Shown above
Bug Fixes
  • Grades – Ability to add 0% for a grade (hopefully you’ll never need to use that) 
  • Delete events when activity category is deleted 

May 2, 2020

Dark Mode
Dark Mode Feature in Shovel

Turn on Dark Mode and give your eyes a break from the bright white glare of your screen. Studies show that dark mode puts less strain on your eyes. Something you need as a student :).