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Plan Tasks

​The purpose of planning tasks

The best way to get something done is not to have it in a to-do list, but to have it in your calendar. And Shovel makes putting tasks from your to-do list into your calendar super easy.

​How do I plan a task?

Planning Tasks

The Pile > Plan > Drag and Drop a Task into a Study Block. A dialogue will appear.

Shovel only allows you to drop tasks into available Study Times before the task is due.

Every task in The Pile shows how much of the task is unplanned.

Every Study Time block shows how much time is available in it.

​Planned Study Block

Planned Study Block with two tasks

When you drop tasks into a study block, the dialogue above is what you’ll see. Here you can see all the tasks you plan to work on how much time you plan to use on each task during this Study Time.

​Adjust sliders for the time you plan to use

Adjust the time you plan to use for each task

When you drop a task into a study block, the ‘Plan To Use’ slider will slide to the time you need for the task.

If there is not enough time to get the task done, the slider will slide as far as it can.

You cannot over-plan your study block. The sum of the time you plan to use for each task has to equal the total Study Time that’s available.

Notice the ‘Unplanned’ status change when you slide the slider for each task.

​Prioritize what task to work on first

Prioritize What Task To Work On First

Reorder your tasks within a study block to prioritize what task you’ll work on first. That’s how they will show in your daily agenda.

Quick tip: Do the hard stuff first.