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Pricing Plan

Pricing page

Pricing Page in Shovel

Settings > Pricing Plan

​Change Card

Change payment Card

To change your payment card, click ‘Change Card’ and fill up the dialog that will appear. The new card will be charged on your next billing date.

Change Plan

Change Subscription Plan

Select what plan you want to switch to and click ‘Change Plan.’

Never lose money!

Your card will be charged a pro-rated amount and your next billing cycle will be counted from today.

For example, if you join Shovel on a monthly plan and switch to the yearly plan after half a month. Your ‘unused’ half a month will be subtracted from the yearly plan price, you will be charged that amount right now, and your next billing date will be a year from now.

Cancel Plan

Cancel Your Subscription Plan

If for some reason you want to cancel your subscription plan, click the ‘Cancel’ button on the Pricing Plan page.

You will have access to your Shovel account until your next billing date.

Reactivate Account

After you cancel your account and your next billing date passes, you will lose access to Shovel. Just get in touch with us through the chat on our website and we’ll get you back in.

Will deleting my account cancel my subscription?

Yes, when you delete your Shovel account, your subscription will be automatically cancelled. If deleting your account was a mistake, you will have 24 hours to let us know in order for us to be able to recover you data.