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Study Time

​What is Study Time?

Study Time Blocks in Shovel

When you set up your schedule in Shovel, there will be lots of empty time blocks between your classes and activities. That is your available study time. Shovel knows it to the minute of every day and uses it to calculate how much time you have available to get each task done.

​Set Your Minimum Study Time Block

Set Minimum Study Time Block in Shovel

Not all empty time blocks in your schedule are suitable for studying. And it’s based on preference. For example, some students may consider 30 minutes as a study time block while others want at least an hour or more. 

To set your minimum Study Time block,  turn on the ‘Study Time’ toggle and move the slider in the sidebar. All empty time blocks less than this amount will be excluded from Study Time. 

Extra Time

Extra Time in Shovel

Any empty time block that is smaller than your minimum Study Time block will be shown in Shovel as Extra Time. Think of it as your wasted time. Your goal is to have as little of it as possible. Minutes matter. Make sure you maximize your study time or spend time with friends. Don’t waste time. 

Maximize Study Time

Maximize Study Time With Shovel

Think about what you could move around in your schedule to turn small time blocks into bigger time blocks that are usable for studying. In the example above, simply going to lunch right after Economics creates an extra hour of usable study time.