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Task Statuses

​What is a Task Status in Shovel?

Task Statuses

A Task’s Status is the current state of a task. To view the different statuses, go to The Pile > Plan > Select the Status you want to see.

There are 4 different statuses for tasks in the pile. It depends on the task’s start date, due date, and whether it is completed that determines what status it has.

Should Be Working On

Every task that has a future due date, is not completed, and is within the task’s start date (determined by the ‘Start XX Days Ahead’ input field) has the Should Be Working On status.

Make sure that every task that has the ‘Should Be Working On’ status is fully planned to make sure you get it done. 

As the status says, you should have started on this task already, as you said you would. 

Every ‘Should Be Working On’ task simultaneously has the ‘To Do’ status. 

​To Do

Every task that has a future date and is not completed has a ‘To Do’ status.

All tasks with the To Do status are also Planned or Unplanned. You don’t have to plan them yet, but once they also get the ‘Should Be Working’ on status, make sure you have them all planned.


Every task that has a due date in the past and is not completed has an ‘Overdue’ status.

You cannot plan an Overdue task.

To plan an Overdue task in your calendar, first change its due date for some time in the future.


Every task you’ve marked as completed.