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​New Term

To create a New Term, go to setting > Term > and click the button “Create New Term” 

This will start a new term (semester, trimester, quarter) from scratch, but you can always switch to your previous terms.

Each term has it’s term dates, courses, tasks, and activities. The only information that carries over from term to term is the GPA Calculator.

It is recommended not to run overlapping terms as your Cushion will not be accurate for either of them.

Switch Term

To switch the term you want Shovel to display, go to Settings > Term > Switch Term.

Select the term you want to interact with and press “Load.” Now everything in Shovel will be from the selected term.


Your Time Zone setting is extremely important. Set it to your School’s Time Zone, otherwise your tasks will not be due at the right time.

Term Dates

Your term dates determine the range for when your calendar events repeat and for when you can create your tasks.

Classes start – You can schedule classes, activities, and tasks, only from this day forward.

Classes end – Set when your classes end to stop repeating classes from recurring in your calendar after this date.

End of exam period – This is the end date of your calendar range. You cannot schedule anything past this date.


Shovel will not show classes during holidays.

You have the option to: 

Show Study Time During a Holiday – Shovel will show your available study time during your holiday.

Delete Study Time For a Holiday – Shovel will not show any available study time during your holiday. Go have fun!