Getting your kid into college was hard.

Getting them out may be even harder.

But with Shovel, it doesn't have to be.

Your kids did great in high school. Nailed the SATs. Got into a great college. You deliver them to campus, decorate their dorm and wave goodbye.

Pretty soon you get the call. ‘I’m struggling’, they say. Too much to do, too hard, not enough time. Wrong school. Wrong major. Maybe I’ll come home.’ OUCH!

I see it all the time. Way too many talented kids, dumb down their major, change schools, or just drop out. Far too many settle for just getting by with mediocre grades.

The statistics are sobering.

Just 56% of college students complete four-year degrees within six years. Of those who do graduate, 53% are unemployed or underemployed. Scariest fact of all – 85% of college seniors plan on moving back home after graduation.

Many will change to an ‘easier’ (lower paying) major. Over 30% transfer to another school thinking somehow it will be different and better. Many take a year or more off hoping to figure out what they want to do. Far too many just settle for poor grades and just want to get through.

It shouldn’t be that way.

My name is Jim Siverts. I went to both college and law school. I’m also a parent of 3 college kids so I’ve experienced the college journey from both sides. I’ve been lucky. Two of mine graduated in 2017 and my last will graduate in 2018. They had majors in Nursing, Management Information Systems, and Chemical Engineering. I couldn’t be prouder.

I know full well the effort that goes into getting into college, and trying to do well there. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of students and parents about their struggles.

Far too many parents assume that their student will just jump right into college and do well as they did in high school. Sadly, that isn’t always the case.

Classes are harder classes, there is more to do, and there are way more distractions. Mom and Dad aren’t running their schedule anymore and students often lack the discipline to get it done on their own.

Students Need a Plan

The good news is that most students really want to do well in college. They just don’t know how. They haven’t developed a systematic way to run their day. They’re winging it. They don’t manage their time well and they don’t study in ways that deliver the best results for the effort they put in.

Shovel Is The System

Good study habits take discipline and focus. Students need a plan – a systematic way of doing things the same way, every day.

Our goal was to create a simple, step by step approach to planning and managing a student’s time and workload in college.

There really is just a small number of simple behaviors and study habits that correct the majority of student problems.

We combine them into one program that we call Shovel, your student’s tool for getting things done. Shovel is based on the concepts of project management in the construction industry.

It combines an app for managing time and workload, a guide to efficient and effective study habits, a learning center to show them how to do things the right way, and a relentless follow-up program to make sure they follow through.

We break things down into simple logical steps that are easy for the student to do the same way every day. They are repeatable, concrete steps that anyone can make into habits. Do them every day and get the ‘A’.

Students know exactly what tasks they need to do each day, how long each is going to take, and the time they have to get it done. No more getting behind.

Then they apply simple proven study techniques that increase retention and speed review. They get the best results with the least amount of effort.

Help Your Student Be Successful

One of the most frustrating things for parents is not knowing how to help their student when they are struggling in college. Not anymore.

With Shovel, you will know exactly what it takes for your student to be successful in college. You will be able to address their frustrations in very specific and tangible ways. You won’t be guessing about what their problems are. They are either doing things the right way or they aren’t. It’s easy to uncover the problems.

Get Shovel

If you have a student heading off to college, lucky you. They can establish the right habits from day one. If you already have a student in college, Shovel can help them do better in less time and with less stress than ever before.

Ready to help your kid get A's?