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The First Real Time
Study Planner

Shovel compares your time and workload in real time!

Shovel study planner - How it works overview

Always know if you have enough time
to get your homework done.

It’s a simple equation…

Study Planner that counts your time - teacher pointing at a blackboard
Teacher pointing at a blackboard
Study Planner that counts your time - Blackboard with text

Become a stress-free student

With the Shovel Study Planner you’ll see if you have enough time to enjoy your “me time” and still get perfect grades in every class. Every time!

Student balancing Social and Academic life thanks to Shovel Study Planner


Step 1

Know your time

No, like really know it! Shovel knows exactly when you can study and for how long.

Shovel Study Planer Step 1.1

Set when you’re awake

Shovel Study Planner Set Your Awake Time
Shovel Study Planer Step 1.2

Set when you’re busy

Shovel Study Planner Set Weekly Schedule
Shovel Study Planer Step 1.3

Let Shovel find when you can study

Shovel Study Planner Finds Study Time
Step 2

Know how long every task will take

Knowing what you have to do is not enough! Know long long each task will take and set when you want to get started.

Shovel Study Planner Reading Time
Shovel Study Planer Step 2.1


Reading speed and the number of pages add up to time needed. Shovel does the math.

Shovel Study Planner Reading Time
Shovel Study Planer Step 2.2

Tests & Assignments

Set the time you need and when you want to get started.

Shovel Study Planner Time Needed Start Planning
Step 3

Know if you’ll have enough time to get everything done

Shovel compares the time you HAVE with the time you NEED and calculates if you have enough time to get everything done, in the time you specified.

Shovel Study Planner Step 3.1

Every task from every class with real-time information, in one place!

Shovel Study Planner Everything in One Place
Shovel Study Planner Step 3.2

See into the future. Do you have enough time to finish every task?

Shovel Study Planner Cushion Graph Know if you can get it done
Student jumping over books with Shovel Study Planner

Nothing can stop you if you see it coming

With Shovel, there are no surprises. You’ll always start on time and finish on time. You’ll jump over every task with ease.

Step 4

Plan what you’ll do, when, and
for how long

Shovel knows your study times and all your tasks. Now it’s up to you to easily combine the two.

Shovel Study Planner Step 4.1

Drag and drop tasks into specific study times

Shovel The Best Schol Planner Drag and Drop tasks into specific Study Times
Shovel Study Planner Step 4.2

Allocate time to a task during a specific study time

Shovel School Planner Plan how long to work on a task
Shovel Study Planer Step 4.3

Have a complete daily plan

Shovel Study Planner View Your Daily Plan
Step 5

Track your progress using real data

Shovel works with hard data based on time calculations, not subjective feelings or percentages. Always know everything in terms of time.

Time used and time still needed

For every test and assignment

Track time spent studying with Shovel Study Planner

Pages read and pages left

Shovel converts pages to time

Track pages read with Shovel Study Planner
Step 6

Stay on top of your grades

Use percentages or points. Drop grades easily. Always know your current weighted average.

Shovel Study Planner Track Grades in Percentages and Points

So, here’s the recap…

As you can see, the power of the Shovel Study Planner lies in its constant time calculation and detailed task planning and tracking. In short, Shovel helps you manage your time and workload so that you can focus on your studies and spend more time at parties.

Dig yourself out of that pile of homework!

Shovel Study Planner Hand Sticking out of a Pile of Homework Holding a Shovel

Walk away from stress in school.

Make Shovel your secret tool.

Student walking from a stressful place to a good place with Shovel Study Planner