Shovel | The First Real-Time Study Planner

A study planner built to help you succeed

More flexible than a paper planner, more powerful than a calendar, and more useful than a to-do list. 

Shovel Study Planner

Become a stress-free student with Shovel

Stop Juggling Your Time And Workload With Shovel Study Planner

Everything in one place

Become less stressed by being more organized. Your schedule 📅 and all your tasks 📚 from all your classes in one place.

Know you can get it done

Shovel is the only study planner that knows if you can meet every deadline ⏱️ or if you need to change your schedule.

Tug of war between time and workload
Plan when you will get it done

Plan when you’ll get it done

A to-do list is just a wish list. With Shovel, plan what you’ll work on, when, and for how long. No eraser ✏️ needed if plans change.

Watch how Shovel works 👉

Our co-founder was a Harvard hockey player who struggled with time and workload management. Now he’s trying to help you avoid his mistakes.

Over 8 million tasks completed

By over 40,000 happy students

From more than 120 countries

Beautiful. Powerful. Flexible.

And built only for you — the student.

Here’s the Shovel framework


Shovel Study Planner Hand Sticking Out Of Pile Of Homework
Number 1

Know your time

Minutes matter. Shovel will find when you can study and for how long.

Set when you’re awake

You can’t study when you’re asleep. Set when you get up and go to bed every day.

Set Awake Time In Shovel Study Planner
Your Schedule in Shovel Study Planner

Set when you’re busy

Use Shovel’s drag and drop calendar to schedule everything you want to do.

Know when you can study

Shovel finds when you can study and for how long, for every day of the semester.

Your Study Time In Shovel Study Planner
Number 2

Own your tasks

Knowing what you have to do is not enough. You have to know how long everything takes.

Time Needed For A Reading Task In Shovel Study Planner

Know how much time you need for every task

Readings, tests, assignments… know your workload in terms of time required.

Know when to get started

Shovel tells you how soon you need to get started on a task to get it done on time.

Know When You Need To Start Each Task
Task Management In Shovel Study Planner

Track your progress

Use stopwatch to track the time spent on each task and know how much you still need.

Number 3

Assess your workload

Avoid getting overwhelmed

Know if you can meet every deadline

Can you complete every task on time or do you need to change your schedule? The Cushion graph will tell you.

Cushion chart in Shovel
Timeline chart in Shovel

Visualize your timeline

See how your start dates and deadlines overlap and quickly adjust to get it all done.

See into the future. Watch how the Cushion works 👉

Become a stress-free student by knowing you can get everything done on time. 

The Cushion Graph In Shovel Study Planner

Rest your eyes in dark mode

Number 4

Plan like never before

Shovel combines your to-do list and calendar into a super powerful planner

The Pile Page In Shovel Study Planner

See every task from every class in one pile

Always know what’s next and never miss that “one assignment” ever again.

Plan when you’ll get each task done

Drag and drop tasks into specific study times and commit to getting them done.

Plan Tasks Into Specific Study Blocks
Know What Tasks To Work On In Each Study Block

Know your tasks are fully planned and ready to go

Break up big tasks into multiple study times and see how much of a task is still unplanned.

Number 5

Take control of your study life

From wherever you are

Put good grades in your pocket

Use the mobile app to manage your study plan on the go.

Shovel Study Planner
Save Time And Brain Power Shovel Study Planner

Grab your Shovel and jump over every task with ease

Get organized like never before and have more time to hang out with your friends.

Save Time And Brain Power Shovel Study Planner

Shovel is the most powerful study planner ever made, but don’t take our word for it.

I have exams next year and Shovel will save my life and help me get good grades. I have tried many study planners but they just make me angry because they are so bad. However, Shovel has made me happier than ever. Thank you, Shovel team!!!

- Shivam

If you suffer from bipolar or depression this app is a life-saver. It takes off some pressure when you are in an episode. You can schedule “my brain is not helping me at the moment” time.

- Verified App Store Review

The discovery of Shovel was a godsend. Thanks to Shovel, I can control every moment of my day and the planning of the studio has never been so perfect and fun. All my study material is organized precisely day by day, and my mind also benefits from this: I am more focused and motivated in studying.

- Pietro, Med student

Best planner everr. Simply put, the best planner I have ever used in my life.

- Verified App Store Review

So helpful and efficient. I love this planner. It is almost a combination of google calendar & calendar on your iPhone, but it is specifically for college. It helps me plan out and balance studying, work, and classes, as well as helping me see if I have time to go out.

- Verified App Store Review

I must say that Shovel is worth every penny. I like the ease of use and simple, clean design. This app should be mandatory for every college student.

- Verified App Store Review

Excellent app. This app is helping me a lot for time planner and concentration. Wow.

- Pietro

I found the best planner ever!

I cannot remember how I came across this but I am so glad I did! The layout is awesome and all my tasks are getting done because of it! It’s fantastic for college students like myself!

- Verified App Store Review

Every “how to do well in college” book tells you steps to setup everything Shovel does but on paper/calendar but that does not come close to giving you the information you gain from Shovel. If you have trouble with time management get this app.

- Verified App Store Review

Amazing idea and amazingly helpful.

- Verified App Store Review

Thank you so much for making the perfect app for college.

- Verified App Store Review

I’m so excited to kick off my new semester with the best planner for college. It takes into account how long an assignment will take which is what sets it apart for me. You can easily plan out your time more effectively so you can have more time for other things.

- Verified App Store Review

This app is really great it takes a while to set up but once set up, this app creates miracles. Can’t wait to start Spring Semester!

- Verified App Store Review

Hello, just so you know, I don’t really like to do feedback on apps but this one is different. Since I started college one year ago, I downloaded almost every planner on the Apple store but when I came across the shovel planner a few weeks ago, I found the best planner ever.

- Verified App Store Review

This is the greatest application planner.

- Wongtawan

It is ammazzinng. You can plan for the future, what you have to study, when and organize it. Loved this app! Great. Great!

- Ridhima

This app is more like a system than just a regular app! It has become a crucial part of my school life. It is by far the best digital academic planner I have tried and used. It is most definitely a favorite and chart-topper for myself!

- Genesis