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The Most Innovative School Planner Ever!

Save your time and brain-power by planning like a bowss.

Brain and Hourglass hugging school planner
Step 1

Plan what you’ll work on, when, and for how long.

Drag. Drop. Slide. It’s that easy!

Your Study Times are automatically generated for every single day throughout the entire semester based on your daily calendar and the Study Timetable that you set. All your tasks are neatly organized in a real-time pile. Everything is ready for you to use Shovel’s School Planner functionality.

Simply drag and drop your tasks into specific Study Times for when you plan to work on them. Once you drop your tasks in, just adjust the sliders to plan how long you’ll work on each task during that particular study time.

Drag and Drop tasks into Study Times with the best study planner
Step 2

No chance to over-plan

Shovel keeps you grounded in reality

We all know the students who wait till the last minute and say that they’ll get it all done the night before and they never do. That’s because they overestimate their abilities and underestimate the time they have available. With Shovel’s School Planner functionality, you’ll never have that problem.

Shovel knows how much time you have available in each Study Time block. So no matter how many tasks you drop into one particular Study Time, you cannot over-plan the total time you plan to study.

For example, if there are 3 hours in one Study Time block, your combined planned time on the 3 tasks you drop in cannot exceed those 3 hours. This will help you be a stress-free student as you’ll plan your studies well ahead of time.

Plan how long to work on a task with the best school planner
Step 3

Your entire day in one view

No School planner has ever been this detailed

Shovel pulls all the events from your weekly schedule and your planned tasks from your planner into one list-view in your calendar for every day of the semester. The result?

A highly detailed daily plan with everything you will do. From your Classes, Activities, Meals and Me Time, to how you plan on spending every minute of your Study Time.

View Your Entire Daily Plan with Shovel school planner
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Reduce anxiety. Improve mental health. Graduate on top.

A good study plan will help you do all that!

Planning what you’ll do during each Study Time is not just about the convenience of being organized. It’s also about freeing your mind and increasing your brain’s processing power.

If you use a school planner and plan exactly what tasks you will work on, when, and for how long – you won’t have to carry it in your head and you won’t have to stress about it. You will actually give yourself permission to forget about it. This will give your brain a chance to relax when you’re out with friends, and more focus when you’re studying. It will reduce your anxiety.

Not having a to-do list and a specific study plan takes up an enormous amount of your brain’s power. It puts you in a constant state of: “I can’t forget about this.” That means that your brain never gets a break. That makes it harder for you to concentrate when you need to and decreases your performance. Even mundane studying suddenly seems like a big obstacle because you always think of all the other tasks you can’t forget about.

Luckily for you, Shovel combines your already super powerful to-do list (The Pile), which tells you what you have to do, how much time you have available to get it done, how much time you need to get it done, and if you have enough time to get it done, with a mighty Planner that lets you drag and drop the tasks into specific Study Times, and enables you to select how much time you plan to spend on an individual task during that particular Study Time.

You always know what you will do and when, and unlike with a paper planner, with Shovel you can drag things around and adjust them as much as your heart desires.

Shovel helps you become a stress-free student by giving you the power to plan.

Don’t just study harder. Use Shovel to study smarter.

We’re saving the best for last…

Now you can schedule exactly what you’ll work on, when, and for how long. Not bad, huh?

The next feature is even cooler though. We’ll show you how you can see into the future using the Cushion graph.


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