Step 1: Study Timetable That Automatically Finds Your Study Time | Shovel
Student wasting time by not using a Study Timetable

Stop throwing away your time.

Make a Study Timetable.
Better yet: let Shovel do it for you.

Student wasting time by not using a Study Timetable
Step 1

Set your awake time.

As far as we know, you can’t study when you’re asleep!

To create an accurate study timetable, first, you need to set your Awake Time which will give Shovel the boundaries for finding your available Study Time. Additionally, keeping a consistent sleep schedule is extremely beneficial to you even beyond Shovel.

A regular sleep pattern will stabilize your circadian rhythm which regulates your mood and instead of being in constant academic stress, you’ll be a happy student and you will be able to study at full capacity. A well-rested brain that has a routine will remember way more than one that is always sleep-deprived and confused.

You have full control over this. Set when you get up and go to bed. And stick to it!

Shovel Study Timetable Set your Awake Time Sliders
Step 2

Set your ideal weekly schedule.

Subtract all the things you do from your awake time.

Setting up your weekly schedule does more in Shovel than in any other calendar. Yeah, you’ll know when you have to show up to class and when you have practice, but so what? Other calendars can tell you that too. What’s different about Shovel is that it focuses on the empty spots in your schedule. But more on that later.

Every great study timetable has to contain all of the things you have to do. We guide you through a few steps so that you don’t forget anything. Your Classes, Activities, Meals, and most importantly your Me Time.

We want you to have fun, so we want you to set the schedule you actually want to have. Don’t want to study Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights? Great! Block them off as Me Time. Wanna do a 2-hour dinner every Wednesday? Great! Put it in.

Be as generous with your Me Time as possible. Once you’re done with the entire Shovel Setup, you’ll know if you can keep your ideal weekly schedule, or if you need to adjust it.

Shovel Study Timetable Set Your Weekly Schedule
Step 3

Let Shovel find your study time.

Where it is, and how long it is. Then you can adjust it.

Shovel will find all the empty spots in your schedule to create a study timetable. Remember, Shovel knows when you are awake and when you are busy, therefore it knows when you can study.

Some students can get things done in small time blocks, and some can’t. To personalize your study timetable, simply set your “Minimum Study Time Block” with the slider to eliminate the tiny time blocks you cannot use for studying – they will turn into Extra Time (wasted time) and the rest is your available Study Time.

Shovel will apply your weekly schedule to every week in your semester and it will use the study time information for calculating if you have enough time to finish your tasks or if you need to change Schedule. But more on that later.

Shovel Study Timetable Finds Your Study Time

Now, that’s a useful study timetable!

Shovel knows when you have every single Study Time block and how long it is, every day, every week, for the entire semester.

Shovel Study Timetable knows when you can study

We’re just getting started!

Next, Shovel will know how much time you need for every single task.

And then – yes, you guessed it – it will combine this knowledge to let you know if you have enough time to finish every task on time.


Learn how you’ll know the amount of time you need for every single task