Crush college!

All-In-One Study System
for College Success

1. The Guide
(The Knowledge)

First, you need to know how to study the right way. You need a simple, proven study method that will repeatedly deliver perfect grades.


2. The App
(The Tool)

Then you need a tool that will manage your time and your workload. We designed it for you. And it’s revolutionary!


3. The Learning Center 
(The Guidance)

We’ll show you how to combine your new study skills with the Shovel App to become a stress-free student.


4. The Follow Up
(The Support)

And lastly, none of the above will matter, unless you make good studying a habit. And we’ll make sure you do.


Everything you need to get perfect grades

(and still have fun in college)

Time Management

With the Shovel App, you’ll always know how much time you have, how much time you need and when to start.

Workload Management

You will always know what you have next and how long it will take to do.

See the Future

Literally! The Cushion graph will warn you way in advance if you have enough time for your tasks.


Our guide will give you the knowledge you need to get perfect grades every time.

Help Center

Our Learning Center will give you all the extra knowledge you need to be successful in college.


We will make sure that you make good studying a habit through our follow-up program.


Access your Shovel account anywhere you are. You’ll never lose your college planner again.


Your data is safe and protected by a strong 256-bit encryption.

Peace of Mind

With the Shovel System, you’ll always be on top of your school work.

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