The Follow-Up

We’ll make sure you make good studying a HABIT


Forming new habits is extremely difficult.

But nothing you learn about efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity – not even having the best time and workload management app for your studies – will help you get better grades if you don’t make good studying a habit.

After reading dozens of great “Improve Yourself” books and articles, we realized that we remembered about 20% of the habits we read about, did 10% of them and then simply went back to our old ways.

We got distracted and never went back.

None of the “Improve Yourself” book authors bothered to follow up with us to remind us how to do things the right way.

That’s not good for YOU when good grades are important for your future.

That’s why we came up with the Follow-Up.

We will keep reminding you how to study and we’ll keep encouraging you to stick with it.

Everything we tell you to do is super simple, but you still have to do it.

We’ll make sure you do.

Are you ready to get started?