The Study Guide

The Big Problem

You don’t know how to study the right way. You don’t get good grades. If you do get good grades, it takes too much time and effort.

The Big Solution

In The Guide, Jim will tell you how he got perfect grades in college and law school, while still crushing beers the night before an exam.

The Step by Step Method to Getting All A’s

College is hard enough without having to figure out how to study too. The Shovel Study Guide will give you the knowledge to get better grades and still have plenty of time for fun.

College is a project. Run it like one.

With Shovel, you’ll have both the plan and the system to get it done.

1. Know your time

How much you have, how you use it, and how much you have left for study.

2. Know your Workload

What it takes to get your A. Every single task in every single class on Day 1. No more surprises.

3. Know exactly how long it will take

Stop underestimating your time. No more getting behind.

4. Be Ruthlessly Efficient

How to remove distractions. Know when and where to study to get the most out of every minute you have.

5. Study Effectively

The best ways to take notes, do readings, and study for exams. Do it right the first time through. Increase retention and speed review.

6. Make it a Habit

Do things the same way, every day. You’ll have a system that you don’t have to even think about. It just works.

The Shovel Study Guide explains the step by step process that delivers good grades. In every class. Every time.

Simple and concrete. It is a set of common sense behaviors and proven study methods that get you the best results for the effort you put in.

Get better grades in less time and less stress with Shovel.

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