The Lucky One

Make the most out of college

If you clicked on this category you know you have it pretty good. You are not a college athlete, you are not working 20 plus hours a week to pay for your education, and you are not studying the hardest major on campus that does not let you leave the library.

It’s harder than it looks

After I stopped playing hockey I was one of you. And WOW did I have a blast! So much time to do whatever I wanted. Did I think that I would have much more time to get my studies done? YES, absolutely. Did I use my extra time to study? Absolutely NOT.

You have a lot of time on your hands. You wake up a few minutes before your first class. You have an hour here and there between your classes – you tell yourself that you will get something done then, but you end up chatting with your friends instead.

You spend over an hour eating both lunch and dinner with your friends because sharing stories from last night’s (Tuesday) party is just too much fun. You try to work out at least four times a week but it doesn’t always ‘work out’. You have about 4 hours of free time during the afternoon to get some work done but you always wonder where it went when you sit down to study at 10 pm.

Midterms always sneak up on you. You scramble to find out what will be on the exams and almost have a heart attack when you find your crumpled up syllabus at the bottom of your backpack – it has been there since the first day of class – and realize that you didn’t even get through half of what you were supposed to.

This is the moment when you say to yourself “I am so f*#@3d” and you miss one of the biggest parties of the year to try and do the impossible – get a decent grade on all three midterms you have next week.

Too real? Yeah I know, I’m speaking from experience.

Having a lot of free time in college can actually be harmful because your days lack structure. You can always say to yourself that you have enough time later today or tomorrow or over the weekend to get your studying done, but in reality, you do it too many times that your missed work piles up until you cannot get through it.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

We can help

Thankfully you are the lucky one. You have enough time to get your studies done the right way and still have more than enough time for all the fun. On the How to Study tab of this website, you will get the basic outline for how you should approach every day in college. From knowing your time, managing it, to learning specific study methods that will help you succeed. Following our advice will get you perfect grades and it will open up your schedule for a lot of fun as well.

If you choose to join the Shovel Study System, the Shovel app will organize your schedule in a way that has never been done before. It will help you be on top of your studies at all times. It will easily find all your Study Time. You’ll know how much of it you have and how long all your tasks will take and most importantly if you have enough time to get them done. It will manage your time and your workload so that you can focus on your tasks at hand and not at organizing them.

With the Shovel Study System, you’ll have plenty of time for fun, but you’ll also get those A’s.

So...are you ready to get good grades and have a great time in college?