Where You Should Always Study In College

Dump Your Dorm Room Desk

Remember when you checked your kid into the dorm? The first thing you probably noticed was how little space there was.

Solution – get rid of the desks.

Desks have absolutely no place in a college dorm room. It would be great if you could replace them with a couch or a chair. Unfortunately, they won’t let you get rid of them.

If you can’t get the desk away from you, you need to get yourself away from the desk.

Render it unusable. Make a table out of it. Put your TV on it.  Pile it with stuff.

Dorms Are Time Wasting Nightmares

Do NOT study in a dorm. Seriously. Very seriously. Under absolutely no circumstances should you ever even attempt to study in a dorm room. You can kiss your ‘A’ goodbye. If there is only one study tip you can manage to follow, it should be this one.

Why? You will muddle on the Internet. You will text. You will talk on the phone. You will text. You will listen to music. You will text. You will watch TV. You will lay on your bed. You will read everything but your assignments.

Worst of all, you will have an endless stream of procrastinators and time wasters pulling you down with them. Their schedules become yours. Your friends and perfect strangers will be parading into your room without end. Close your door and you’ll still hear them outside. You’ll pile up a mountain of unproductive time.

Leaving your dorm should be your first priority in the morning. Take everything you need for the day. Coming back to it should be your last priority in the evening. If you have to go back during the day, move quickly and with stealth. Pretend it is infected with Ebola, only worse. Get out of there as fast as you possibly can.

You cannot study effectively in a dorm. It is impossible.

I LOVE Dorms

Think I don’t love dorms? I do. In fact, I think you should live in one for all 4 years. They are a blast. Some of the best memories and best friends you will ever have will be made in that dorm. Savor every minute of every year living in one. That is my point.

Your dorm should be a social place. It’s home, not work. It is your refuge from a hard productive day of class and studying. It should be a place to relax, rest and enjoy. Done for the day.

Go ahead – text, watch TV, muddle on the Internet, text some more, talk on the phone, laugh with all of your friends on the floor. Be that jerk who bothers everyone else who was stupid enough to study in their dorm.

Just don’t ever study in yours. Ever. You must separate study from dorm life. Go elsewhere.

Where, do you ask?

The Only Place Where You Study – EVER

I love libraries. They are the best places to study. Why?

The library creates a complete separation between your personal life and your academic life. Work vs. Play.

Libraries bring focus to your college study time. Cold, efficient, get it done, sink it in deep – uninterrupted and highly effective study. The kind that gets you A’s and lots of them.

Everyone in the library has a big bubble around them that protects them from annoying outside influences. ‘Shut up and don’t bother me’ is thick in the air. The silence there is deafening. Learning Perfection.

Libraries are one of the few remaining places on the planet where even the most obnoxious of goofballs will respect quiet. It is the last place on the campus where your friends are going to come in and chat it up.

Studying in the library is the pinnacle of good study habits. Nothing is better. It brings focus like nothing else.

Libraries are also beautiful places. Colleges invest millions of dollars in their libraries. They are among the most special buildings on campus. They have great big wood tables to spread your stuff out on.

Libraries are where the research stuff is – the books, the magazines, the online resources, the journals. Everything you are going to need for your A – all right there, and only a quick question away.

Hey, I’m not saying you should sit in some dark isolated corner for 4 years. Find a nice bright table right out where you can see everyone coming and going. Be near the newspapers and magazines so you can take a break.

Go to the library. Nowhere else.

When you get there……

Turn That Thing OFF!

I’m going to beat a dead horse here. Brutally. This is very important.

You have to stop texting when you study. There is nothing, and I mean nothing that is more detrimental to you getting an A than texting. I know I mentioned all of that other electronic stuff too, but texting is the worst of all. I don’t think you realize how much time you spend doing that. Add it all up sometime and see.

Minutes matter. Pound that into your head – MINUTES MATTER. Your studies require your undivided attention. You break your concentration every single time you get a text. Then you get another and another and another. You start thinking about your text topic and not your textbook topic.

You cannot begin to learn or study effectively if you are constantly distracted by texting.

I cannot over emphasize the importance of this. Every time you are studying – turn it off.

If you don’t get an A, there’s a good chance the reason is right there in your pocket.

WHEN are you going to study?