Why Is Shovel the Best Tool for Planning Your Studies?

Shovel is the best study planner because it lowers your stress levels and makes sure you get everything done on time. It does this by letting you plan exactly what task you will work on, when, and for how long.

The difference between scheduling and planning

Scheduling means populating your calendar with set events you cannot move (Class M, W, F @10am, Dentist on Monday @3pm).

But planning means adding specific tasks into specific study times on your calendar.

Tasks are different than events. They vary from week to week. Each takes a different amount of time to complete and has a different “Due” date.

Planning a task means you are setting its “Do” date. Aka, planning when you’ll get it done. And Shovel makes all this planning easy.

The importance of planning as a student

If you don’t plan your tasks, you are in a constant state of anxiety. You don’t know when you’ll work on your tasks and if you’ll be able to get them all done on time.

Planning takes the anxiety out of the equation. If you open your Shovel Study Planner every Sunday night and plan what task you will work on, when, and for how long, you’ll always know you’ll have time to get everything done on time! No more guessing, no more stressing.

What’s wrong with the tools you’re using now?

They don’t let you plan! You are juggling tasks from all sorts of syllabi, you have ten deadlines each week, and you need to be in five different places (Zoom calls😷) each day. It’s a lot to keep track of in your head. So you started using tools that could help you manage it all, but…

You are still stressed, overwhelmed, and disorganized. Here is why:

Calendar apps are NOT good study planners

Calendars are great! But neither Google calendar nor Apple calendar was built for students. They were designed for executives to attend business meetings and for parents to remember to pick up their kids at soccer practice. They were not built for students who have an ever-changing schedule and hundreds of tasks scattered across multiple classes.

Paper planners waste trees… and more importantly, your time

If you use a pen on a paper planner, your schedule will be one giant scratch. If you use a pencil, your hand will fall off from all the erasing. A paper planner is simply not flexible enough to keep up with you.

The problem with To-Do lists

Everybody loves to-do lists, and there is nothing wrong with them if you need to quickly jot down what you need to do! But when it comes to actually getting things done, you need to put your To-Do’s into your calendar, otherwise, it may stay on your to-do list forever.

Digital study “planners” don’t let you “plan”

Remember the thing about planning your tasks into specific study times? Well, that’s what study planners don’t actually allow you to do.

Before building the Shovel study planner, we provided study advice on our website… which is why our domain is howtostudyincollege.com. But the more students we helped, the more they kept asking for recommendations about what tool they should use to help them plan their studies.

We did extensive research but found that there was no app we would feel comfortable recommending. Every study planner app was just a “dressed up” to-do list or a calendar with little flexibility and no added value. So we decided to roll up our sleeves, team up with amazing engineers, and build the study planner we could wholeheartedly recommend to every student.

How is Shovel different?

All tools mentioned above are good, but only for the single purpose they were built for. Shovel is different. It is a calendar, a to-do list, a planner, and a time calculator ALL IN ONE! It was built to help students get better grades with a smile on their face.

Build your ideal schedule

Shovel has a powerful and flexible calendar for creating your classes, activities, meals, and Me Time. Creating these events will block off the time you cannot use for studying and will serve as the scaffolding of your weekly schedule.

Organize your tasks in one place

You need a central place for everything you need to do. Syllabi are complicated and each class has different demands. In Shovel, you will have all your tasks from all your classes organized in one place, and most importantly, you will know how long each task will take.

Plan when you’ll get each task done

This is what the other tools are missing, which is why you are constantly stressed.

When your to-do list and your calendar are disconnected, you are not in control. You don’t allocate time in your calendar to complete specific tasks so your to-do list is more like a wish list.

In Shovel, you have all your tasks organized right next to your calendar, and you can plan exactly what task you will work on, when, and for how long. You can plan each task into multiple study times, and if you don’t work on a task when you planned to, Shovel will remind you to re-plan!

By planning in Shovel, you:

  1. Mentally commit to getting a task done at a specific time
  2. Know you’ll have enough time to get it done
  3. Eliminate procrastination and anxiety

So grab your Shovel and dig into that pile of homework.

Become the most organized
student you’ve ever been.

Shovel Study Planner